lota getting boring ???

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  1. Hate to kill one of the last good enemy players left in southern IOTA. BUT.. you wanted it so here ya go :)

    It has more a feel like we're executing a family dog and losing another great player more than we're fighting a war against an enemy we don't want to see around anymore. Maybe next time you'll be on our team instead of against it :)

    Either way, at least there's some action now... cheers and good luck!
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  2. Manu Forti

    Manu Forti Phrourach

    Mar 22, 2011
    well it was kinda my fault and i did have some help in my 2 western citys from SL/Coriales doe, but in the area You where hitting me i was allone:rolleyes:

    Yep it was a gamble on that snipe, i tried to figure out where the other/others CS where but couldnt find them so, well i lost, but thats war, you have to calculate with looses:D

    Im starting to get tired now so well see if i can get some sleep or not:p
  3. Bad co/TDC are all around you hun? it's odd that they will ask raidens to help them attack me (the only reason coondog even got me in revolt was cos raiden helped) and yet they can't seem to find you some support in return? some friends they are ;)
  4. Manu Forti

    Manu Forti Phrourach

    Mar 22, 2011
    got plenty of help on last landings now;)
  5. about time those allies of yours pulled their finger out then ;)
  6. Lane

    Lane Guest

    Well I have to say it's actually been a fun/interesting last couple of days ! :)
  7. For sure :)
    Way to wake the tigers.
    Tired yet Manu? :)

    Awesome job though, gotta say..
  8. Lane

    Lane Guest

    I know right ! At least he actually gives us some of a challenge when attacking !

  9. LaBandolera

    LaBandolera Guest

    Interesting evolution on grepostats, who gave 80k of DBP to Lozza?

    I see Manu did a nice job as well :)
  10. omg! Lab I must get some reports together for you!

    I think at one point I had 80 briemes in my harbour and had about 8 waves of troops and not 1 LS in them. Which most likely explains the 80k of DBP. In fact one city was brilliant as they spend a whole day hitting it and didn't get in revolt. In fact I was out for most of it lol happy days :)

    tbh tops up to Raiden who did some excellent attacks on me, I'm not being sarcastic either he really did :)
  11. Manu Forti

    Manu Forti Phrourach

    Mar 22, 2011
    yea, yea im still here;)
    And Lane: you know it and i know it : It will not work eaven if it that city out in no mans land in 65 :p
    had a good night sleep actually and of to work today
    had plenty of landings but didnt consider them any dangerous, i mean trow away 25-30 landings just like that and no timing:eek:
    ofcourse i just have to park my support nearby and wait for the CS :D

    Something i dont like about this dam game is the Quake and Bolting....
    I realy dont like that, its anoying and makes no real damage then to pisses me of and then i can ashure you that you will be my next target :Angry:

    Mykem had to face that now and lost one to Raiden :cool:

    So fair fighting and no BOLTING :pro:

    da Swede
  12. Lane

    Lane Guest

    Well if I do remember correctly I recall you saying to me to come and get the city when I was ready..I guess that was wrong timing for you. :( Yes, Yes...The excuse of it being in O65..I guess I can somewhat understand although twow is located in O65 why couldn't you have gotten him to get there in time? Seems kinda odd..But I guess it just didn't work out how we planned..But nice fighting Manu look forward to it again..Btw - I know those attacks were horrible timed you prob could have killed me with that CS..Almost did too. :p lmao

    Hahahhaa..Funny you say that cause last time I checked Bad Co did a major bolt/quake episode on Jennesis funny as h3ll but also annoying ! :p So UNT gave them a little bolt/quake action back. ;)

    I myself HATE them with a passion though ! :D
  13. Manu Forti

    Manu Forti Phrourach

    Mar 22, 2011
    yep they did in BC, but Im SL and i dont Bolt:p
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  14. Jennesis

    Jennesis Guest

    Yeah, I didn't get any bolts or quakes from any of you guys :p

    It was TDC/BadCo, and of that it was mostly Barbie, AncientEvil, and other noobs that don't know any better (I might be a bit generous there). They wasted favor on me for a week or so and all that happened is Barbie lost another city.

    Interestingly enough, UNT has found that the 5 man crew from SL is a lot more fun to fight than the whole of the Bad Co. coalition of farmers put together.
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  15. Lane

    Lane Guest

    Heh..Good to know ! :p

    I hate getting bolts but occasionally I might bolt someone..Just depends in what mood I'm in. :rolleyes:

    AND Yes, I'm a little n00b ! I've admitted it time and time again. ;)

    Well said ! :)

    ::claps hands::
  16. LaBandolera

    LaBandolera Guest

    mmm farmers, then turtles, you need to make up your mind :p

    The Slaughterers always were the spear point of the attack force, but as stated previously, there is good collaboration as always. What the opponent thinks of that is generally not of any interest ;)

    I worry more about the activity pattern of the tiger ninja turtles. It seems they are not so teenage anymore tbh.

    Please prove me wrong :)
  17. Jennesis

    Jennesis Guest

    Prove that the input of a player long since quit, having abandoned two alliances in their time of need (RL got in the way twice? really? phuleez), has any relevance to this discussion.
  18. LaBandolera

    LaBandolera Guest

    Jenny, In their time of need, is that not a permanent fact? I was not really about to get rimmed when I left on both occasions. I don't even feel the need of sharing reasons.
    The relevance is that just like the irrelevance of people suggesting that UNT and DD should start engaging each other is not less relevant by showing this strange admiration for number of team players while at the same time you're downgrading others that collaborate with them...
    Relevant enough to you?
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  19. Jennesis

    Jennesis Guest

    SL is more fun to fight. It is composed of players that are more fun to fight than those of Bad Co/TDC, who by and large, seem to prefer bolts and quakes to actually mounting an offense.

    And honestly...when it's only 3, maybe 5 of their players that even bother...while their membership is nearly at cap...I think referring to them as farmers/simmers/turtles/any other word that means "you don't fight" is consistent with any previously made statements.
  20. LaBandolera

    LaBandolera Guest

    Anyway, I agree with you completely on the bolting thing, that's not nice at all. It's a technique of many small players against of few bigger one. You shouldn't bring it up though. It would mean they reached their goal by getting you off about it.