lota getting boring ???

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  1. I wouldn't worry about that, they know it ticks her off, just now I think they realise that isn't such a good idea when she uses that anger to take their cities.. regardless of how much turtle power they have Jen-rage is more powerful ;) lol


    Well I hope that JENN-RAGE comes out soon from what a LIL-Birdie told me that IOTA seems to be picking up and that "TDC The Turtles" took 9 City's from UNT and took one of their City's from their WW's Island and UNT will not get that City back, so you see being a Turtle has it's good to it.
    Plus was told that there is a LIL-Birdie on the inside of UNT=(SPY), OOOPPPPSSSS was I to say that but, anyway. The WW's not even in place yet and the Battle has Started.
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  3. Jennesis

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    Oh look. Another one of UNT's dedicated creepy stalker types that couldn't take the pressure in game but just can't seem to "quit us" trolling the forums again.

    So...what's up with your RL that you need to come on here and gloat about things that you didn't have any part of? Hmmm? Bored, unsatisfied, powerless?

    In any event, your comments are as pointless today as they were the last time you posted as they were when you were actually playing the game. Only now...with you having run from a game you knew you couldn't win when forced to play by the rules...it's more than a little pathetic that you keep coming round so much as you do.

    It really is both flattering and creepy to have someone so fixated on you. But...more creepy than flattering.
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  4. scucko

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    yes CENO we was take few cities from UNT and one on UNT ww island. you are right. who was tell you that :)?

    jennesis can you take this city from mighty surfero? :p


    First off there is a Saying/Phrase:
    Objects In The Rear View Mirror May Appear Closer Then They Are

    Now unlike you that like to Call PPL-->>NAMES<<---->> Talk About Their Family<<-- an so on.
    Bored, Nope.
    Unsatisfied, Yes Should have been 15 City's TDC Took.
    Powerless, Not At All More Power then you Realize.
    Wife stepping out on you, Yes She had to step outside to get fresh air from Laughing so hard from your Comments.
    Kids dropping out of school on a one way track to juvenile detention, Also yes to Mentor Kids and show them the one Track road of being good and not to talk about PPL or their Family's.

    Well I really don't see how they are pointless, because when they are true and to the POINT of what happening how can it be pointless, ????????????
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  6. Jennesis

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    Don't you mean mighty Turtle?

    I'm thinking on that tbh. You've already got 4K transports in there and I've no doubt more on the way. So...for me to take that solo...no...that's not going to happen. I don't doubt that if we put the full weight of UNT behind trying to get that city...we could. The question is...is it worth it?

    Sure...it's annoying that you took it and killed that island for us...but in terms of the end game does it really matter? I'm not sure it does. There is also the question of...how much defense do you want to keep there? Will you sacrifice your own wonder islands to keep that one city? Will you sacrifice your other cities keeping that city stuffed with defense?

    I know you guys pride yourselves on being turtles and in this instance it's going to work out well for you...for this one city...if you're intent on holding it. But...we're UNT and we can just make another island, and probably build a wonder faster than you guys can anyway. Then again maybe we'll not even really seriously bother with WW...let you guys handle it and unlock hero worlds for us. Doesn't sound so bad as I've heard reports that shipping res to a world wonder is about as exciting as watching paint dry. So...if we leave it up to you, what will we miss out on? 50 extra max favor points in the hero world? I can live with that.

    And to CENOBITES, who I not so affectionately refer to as CHEETO-bites: You really need to get a life. For your own sake. Step away from the forums revolving around a game you don't play anymore and get a life.
  7. reme84

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    Jenn You do care about that city and the ww,why would you send so much to try and take it back?and get the full unt force and ask DD to help you! we wont let you come close to taking that back. and why do you allways turn things around to make us look bad? it makes you look bitter tbh.and you guys bring it on if you think we are only capable of taking care of one city.
    which alliance has taken more from each other over the last few weeks?
    And I know CENO is a TDC like me but I try to look at your arguments as a neutral and the way I see it is you are the one with the grudge?
    any way just want to say GREAT WORK LATELY TDC;)
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  8. scucko

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    oh you are here mate. yes it is great work. we was take more cities from UNT in last few weeks.
    am I right jena?
    you say for surfero that he is turtle. hahhaaaaa. nice one. this is not surfero deff.troops. its mine and from few our friends ;). that is team work lady :p

    I am turtle jena. you can post this in all topics. hahhaahaaaa
  9. Jennesis

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    I didn't say I/we don't care about that city. I didn't say it didn't make me mad when I saw we lost it. Why would we send so much? Foolish emotionally driven endeavor I suppose.

    When you step back and look at the situation realistically though...it's not that big a deal in the grand scheme of things. It's most certainly not worth losing all of our offensive capabilities to get it back right this second.

    You are obviously capable of taking more than one city. Why do I turn things around? I don't...I call it as it is. And as I've stated...I'm not the propaganda machine for TDC/Bad Co./Slaughterers/any other of your coalition. That was Syl's job and if you honestly think that anything I've said or posted about you guys is any worse that what guys like Syl, Barbie, Ceno, etc. post about us then you've got another think coming. You guys came on us like it was personal and I don't even know most of you, yet you all seem to hate me plenty. Based on some Forum posts? Did we all hate Syl because of his over the top/rude posts? No. It's banter and if you can't handle it...don't read the forums. It's like...you read the forums and see only what you don't like from us yet gloss over the BS your side puts up. You're just reaping what you've sown. And BTW...we've already brought it...many times over.

    As for TDC doing a great job. Yes...they took a bunch of cities over Thanksgiving weekend when around 1/2 of us were in VM. I want to say great job but...if you guys had 1/2 your members out for a few days we'd have taken way more than 9 cities. So...lets see them do that well when we're not all on holiday. They do that when we're not all on holiday and I might tip my hat. But probably not.

    Which alliance shall I look at? Slaughterers? TDC? Bad Co.? Age Quo Adis or whatever? Shall we look at the stats individually or should I add them all together...cos that would certainly be more realistic that just comparing us to one member alliance of your coalition. Don't forget...it's all of you against 30 of us. And you only took 9 cities while 1/2 of us were on vacation. Yeah...you rock.

    I do have a grudge against ceno. I have a HUGE grudge against ceno. I don't deny that. It's a well earned grudge. I don't like him at all. Based on the way he's behaved both in game, in PM, etc. I have basis to believe he's not a nice person of good character. In fact...quite the opposite. I think he likes to play the victim and doesn't even consider that he may actually be the one doing the "victimizing". He did a bunch of really shady stuff, in addition to sending me random rude PM's when he was ingame, and then turned around and blamed us for his mistakes. I'm supposed to like that? I'm supposed to be OK with that? NO...I'm not, and I don't need to pretend to be, and I'm getting pretty tired of you guys telling me to "get over it". I won't get over it. He'll always be the guy that ate a big 'ol bag of CHEAT-o's.

    And tbh...I don't want to hear about CENO anymore. I honestly don't care other than giving him a swat when he surfaces here. I was nice to him up until the event we don't speak of on forums. Even when he sent me whiny PM's calling me names for conquering a kids city (like I know how old everyone here is or something). To me he was just an opponent in a game and I was as nice to him as I am anybody I don't really know until they give me a reason not to be. And he gave me good reason not to be! He turned on ME. He made a mistake...got caught for it, and then blamed me/lozz/herb for it. And...he continues to come here and poke at me/UNT. I'm not chasing him down or looking for him to go bug him. Yet...I'm the bad guy? How is that OK? C'mon.
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  10. QCI TCG

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    Yeah big huge massive clap to TDC for showing there true worth to this game 27k of swords men in one city and your proud of that fact.

    I think you have surpassed the term turtle so from now on am going you call you piglets (sitting in the brick house hoping we dont blow it down)

    So congrats crusaders your the complete opposite of your alliance name with defence like that the furthest you crusade to is the bottom of your garden. you might actually win iota for sitting on your tail end doing nothing but letting people attack you. So hoorar for making this world boring and uncompetitive
  11. LaBandolera

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    I just believe you're the bad girl! What are we going to do bout that
  12. reme84

    reme84 Guest

    Like you guys would not do the same in this situation!!! How many attacks? 200 or so from many different players,whatever.
    I guess you guys would just snipe your way out of this lol.
    and dont forget which ocean this is in.
    And again you need to look at which alliance is actually taking each others city and at the same time is capable of keeping hold of them when this is done.and we are not bored btw:p
  13. Jennesis

    Jennesis Guest

    Who are you reme84? I looked you up on grepstats and you don't seem to have an account.

    And no...we don't turtle the way you guys do. With the number of unescorted transport attacks you guys send out 200 attacks is more like...20. In fact...the only thing unsettling about 200 attacks from you guys is trying to keep them straight. So...we put defenses in our cities but 2000 transports is pretty dang excessive.

    True story...y'all pummeled moncico over the holiday. 20 pages of reports defense reports when I logged back in yesterday, and almost no losses to the defense I stationed there for him. Did you guys ever even get him into revolt?


    Well Jenn I really Wish you had these so Called PM's you talking about in-game or any PM I have ever sent to you please stop with the Lies you say I've said, for one thing I'm not RUDE to any one in-game or in PM's you show me one PM I ever sent that was RUDE or crossing the line of being RUDE. The only one that PPL see Crossing that line of Rudeness is you-you come on here call PPL Names and now talking about PPL Family's, who are you to come on here and be able to talk the way you do about ppl and get away with it-if some one else would do and say the things you do they would get a warning or banned. My character of a person is maybe one of the best, you painted this picture of me with Horns which is the opposite of the Guy I am.
    I never did blamed you or any one what went on as I stated b4 with the talk I had with HERB In-Game it don't matter if you did it or any one else did it, really it don't matter who did it (it is done) (over with) move on. Plus what ever PM's you did get was not my doing I can't control what ppl send or how they feel.
    I didn't Leave this game as for the reasons you say or think, I have a Real Life as most PPL do, I put my Acct: up for the taking B4 all that went down and my work I do will take me away from the game, I went on a Real Vacation when this happen I come back and all hell breaks loss from You on Me about every body in TDC saying this-that about you I wasn't even here when that happen YOU started this with the Bashing and still to this day you still doing it and show me one post on here that I ever Called any one a Name or bash them. Even when I do post something on here it has nothing with JENN bashing, in it until you start it up on me even when you do start it up on me call me Names and now poking YOUR words at my Family did I come back at you calling you anything or bring your Family into something that is not all what you making this out to be.
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  15. reme84

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    Yes I got moncico in revolt at least 3 times,and I still have him in revolt now,no TDC targeted moncico to claim a city,we were just playing with him like he has been trying to do with our smaller players for weeks,I think a bc player was trying but that has nothing to do with us.
    I had just one free space this weekend unfortunitly otherwise I would have tryed to take from him,I am 20LEGEND84 btw.
  16. QCI TCG

    QCI TCG Guest

    yeah we would, mostly cause no CS was sent :p

    and to prove my point Moncico had 200 attacks, There was 3 of us including him who defended his citys and managed it with out being a piglet. Its called being a decent player.

    But keep thinking your super cool with 27k swords
  17. reme84

    reme84 Guest

    200 attacks??? not from TDC haha. like i said moncico was not a primary target,I was only farming him. if he was the main target(not that there was one because havilog not planned at all untill the last minute) you would have not been succsesful.most of tdc players are at least 12 hours from there,not easy too snipe from that distance.
    And do we think were cool for those 27k swords,No I must have lost nearlly 150 dt because of your alliance.I will see about getting double that asap:)
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  18. Lane

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    Hahaha. Tell us something we DON'T already know?! :p

    Something that only several of them understand. ;)
  19. QCI TCG

    QCI TCG Guest

    lol yeah farming sure thats why we killed off 3 cs, hope you dont play poker as your bluff sucks.

    you guys were serious on him and there was 200 attacks i know as i was one of the only members around this weekend.

    if he was the main target you would have not been succsesful. is this something your defensive units say while the sit around waiting to be attacked or is it what you tell your small amount of offensive units that get sent yet again without LS


    Well 200 attacks on Moncico, HHHmmmmm you (reme84) didn't tell me that you-all sent that many on him. And didn't you say it was like a walk in the park on havilog city's with lil to no Support in his City's Guess that he (havilog), not 1 of their Fav' guys to help out....