lota getting boring ???

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    Seriously I dont lie,who were these players?? It is the first I have heared of this.
    oh and I have enough offense to take on you guys,am i lying again? well look on grepostats on the ceno account for citys take and lost.
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    What did I say? You likes to play the victim. You did nothing wrong and we’re horrible terrible people who got bad on you. Of course I don't have those PM...that was ages ago. You know you'd get all peeved when we'd take cities from TDC and you had no problem messaging me telling me what a horrible person I am for just playing the game well. Look at how you're responding here…all emotional and barely coherent. Need I say more?

    Oh. Hi there then :)

    You asked for some stats. I’ve looked at UNT against TDC, Slaughterers, Bad Company, and Greysock Rage. I’ve not taken into account vacation modes, activity, players quitting etc. This is just raw numbers.

    Taken from UNT by...
    TDC= 19
    Bad Co= 1
    Greysock= 2
    Slaughterers= 7
    Total Coalition takes: 29

    Taken from a coalition alliance by UNT...
    TDC= 7
    Slaughterers= 3
    Total UNT takes: 10

    So, unadjusted it’s roughly 3:1 with the coalition in the lead. However, this doesn’t take membership into account. If we adjust these statistics to reflect the “per player” stats it doesn’t look as good for you guys.

    Membership sum of 4 coalition alliances: 138 members
    Membership sum of UNT: 32

    You have almost 4.5 times as many players as we do. Let’s just say its 4:1.

    Turn that into conquers and...
    UNT takes one city for every 3 players
    The Coalition takes one city for just under every 5 players.

    You guys are bigger than us. In much the same way that Evo was bigger than anyone around you are now the borg outnumbering the little guy. And…it’s been that way for a long time because even when Evo was around the guys in O53 (for example) didn’t really have much to do with this conflict in the south.

    Yet despite all that you still haven’t managed to really take us cos if you were Evo...you'd have killed us months ago.

    So…good job. We’ll see about going into VM around Christmas time so that you can have another crack at us when we’re weaker and maybe you can keep those numbers up in December.
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    That is funny I don't write words like that "blah blah blah Bunch o' BS" can you give the url code to this or show me where you GOT that from... LOL

    never mine I got it just click the LIL Arrow in the Black box next to my name and it takes you to that post but, good try JENN,
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    I wrote that. I cut out your big block of whiny text. Hold on. I'll go put it back so you're not so confused.
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    Can we not add DD on to those stats in unt favor?
    TDC work 99% on there own,as do the slaughterers when it comes to attacking UNT,DD.
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    I could but DD isn't really fighting with us. We're allies and all but we don't do a lot of joint missions or anything. We were working more closely together for a bit but that was mostly against Delian League and pretty localized in O46 area. They're more focused up north now, though I'm sure there are a couple of people down south that get involved. I'm not gonna redo all that math...you can do that yourself if you're so inclined but...add them in and you only outnumber us roughly 2:1.

    TDC took two cities off of DD in November and as far as I can tell DD didn't take any from TDC.

    So...it really doesn't change the numbers all that much. As for you guys not working together...erm...that's not at all true and you know it. You've been spouting off in the forums about how great your relationships/teamwork is. Did you all of a sudden stop sharing a joint council? Also, based on the reports from this last weekend it was TDC and Bad Company and I think Greysock...where is mith11 hanging his hat these days, together on Moncico. From cities I've recently taken there were late supports coming in from TDC/Bad Co. AgeQuo whosawatsa/slaughterers.
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    jenna please stop this. this is funny now. I was forgot that this holiday is UNT holiday. comon. we all have members in VM

    you can not say us who will be our target. why no Moncico? you know why!!!

    its try. how much cities UNT have in this ocean and how much BC coalition?

    come with more cities in war zone ;). we will not attack city fill with 3 deff. cities. maybe you whant to send back all this support :p

    can you post this again please ;)

    we all know that this is not real situation here. we have 130+members but most of this members are too small to even try to take city from any big player. I will please you again to stop with this ;)

    mith11 is in TDC as I can see
  8. Okay guys, it looks to me like things are getting a bit personal here, can we step back and take a deep breath? Good.

    Keep on topic Yadda Yadda, be a good world Yadda Yadda.

    Quite obviously at the moment there's a bit of excitement due to Iota, what with upgrade coming and several big wars i see people posting about. Would anyone care to make suggestions on how these alliances could make the wars more exciting? Besides "stop being a turtle" Because turtles don't speak English so that would not be effective.
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    Yes. True. I was just pointing out...try it when we're not all in VM. Your numbers were good this month but a full 1/2 of your conquers were this last weekend when the majority of us were out.

    OK. Fair enough. However...they are not too small to send support or cast spells. And I know they do because I've taken plenty of cities from you guys with support arriving from these small players. And we all know they love to quake and bolt me :)

    Also...this kinda speaks to something I said earlier. With one notable exception you guys aren't all that different now from what Evo was. Our Northern players didn't necessarily fight you guys but that doesn't mean they didn't send us support once the war with TBE was over.

    As I understand it the coalition was formed cos Evo was too big, and Evo killed competition and evo this and evo that. How does it feel to have actually become the thing you were fighting so hard against?

    OH...and that notable exception I spoke of?

    Check it:

    Attacks like these are why they'll never actually be the tour de force Evo was.

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    Nor did the greeks but hey presto several hundered years later we have a game called grepo where they seem to write in english :p

    hard to look past he fact they are turtles when even there players are saying you can call us turtles. But most exciting thing i can think of is there a few new names in the top 12 that have not been invited to join fun in game
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    I am turtle :p
  12. QCI TCG

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    cant be your speaking english :p

    but to stay on yopic, iota suddenly became less boring TDC seem like they actually do fancy a hands on fight