*LSS* Last Standing Soilders recruiting+pact


Hello, and wellcome to Last Standing Soilders. We are a peace loving and active clan in the game, the more active u are, the more we can help and benifit off one another. We have many fun and helpfull ways to help you succeed in the game. I am always looking for fresh and dedicated members to join the brotherhood. If you are intrested, we would be happy to have u as a member. Feel wellcome to message Jordantaler about any question u have.

1)You must be a online active player.
2)Respect the rules of the game.
3)Honor the COD of *LSS*
*COD*Code of Conduct:
1)Respect fellow clan members.
2)Be active once everyother day.
3)support and protect the brotherhood.
4)Listen to your chain of command.
5) No trash talking, or picking fight.

steve spragg


Probably wants to dissolve the alliance, i guess you might know something about that sort of thing :p


somethin gives me a sence that ur not taking this seriously. lol