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I am enjoying this aragorn! Nicely done and i see you put in alot of effort. Thanks for doing this.


Going to be gone for a while so it's a heads up the lwn might be gone for a while.


Lambda Weekly NEWS!!!!

Merges, alliances, new people?:
This world at war has torn many alliances apart major ones and small ones, it is now tough to be a small alliance leader especially if you are in the core oceans. This world at war has given alliances oppurtunitys to attack aliances that are not involved in this world at war some are falling some are rising look to your homes because the seas are turning RED....

Reporting my stories lol;):
Now some of you might hate my stories but most if not all are true and factual i will report anything that is considered unfair or a juicy scoop... i have always said that if my stories offend you i offer for you to contact me personally. But if you would like to remind the world of lambda of a story that had once happened please inform me. I will put it in the next article.

A reminder of some rules:
People are forgetting some rules or parts of them such as accounts you can have two accounts but they need to be on different worlds but if you are on the forums you may only use one game name. Thats the only exception if you have multiple accounts in one world then that is againest the terms of use of grepolis. Now i just wanted to straighten that out for the people that think that is cheating.

Sad to see alliances that have came and are now gone:
There are numerous alliances that have been at the top and have left the lambda weekly news is happy to recognize the following alliances:
Social Gamers Club
The Marines
Stormlight Empire
Mighty Boosh
Rim Rulers
Silviticus Army
The Hellenic League
Appollo 64
and many more the death list goes on and on.

Authors Note:
I'm back and writing my articles again but it may take a while to make more but i'm back. ALso if any of the stories have offended you please inform me. Happy Hunting in the game guys!


Lambda weekly news (follow-up)

Lambda's Weekly News
(follow up story)
Note* I thought that my last article wasn't really interesting so i am making a follow up story.

Column one; The hermits in the hills:

Today's world at war has forced many players and alliances to become figuirtive hermits in the hills, hiding from the destruction of the war. Many players are either asked or attack to take up arms in the world at war. Many oceans that used to be safe are now being overrun by either the infection and IMPERIUM or the Order and Knights. Many smaller brother alliances are being formed to try to win this war but some alliances are trying to reason with both sides making it clear that they are either neutral or won't take part in the war. There is no politics in this world at war just the war one man falls and another will rise.

Column 2 Lambda's Forum personality:

The Lambda forum was before a very inactive forum filled with silent whispers and brief chats. Before it was probably a 4 out 10 for ranking in activity, but now people aare starting to come back and discuss the war with fellow enemies and friends it has risen from 4 to 7 in my books and is continuing to rise every day. Come people let us bring back the forum of lambda by being active! :D :pro:

Column 3 Vacationers bs refugees:

What would you consider to be weaker a vacationer or a refugee? A vacationer is basically a person who almost or always goes to vacation mode either because of attacks or holidays. IS he weak? It actually depends but i'll let you guys decide. A refugee is a person either abandoned or fought and lost in an alliance or war.He may not be realitively weak but he is a refugee but i'm pointing it out to make you guys decide.

Column 4 Does strategy really matter?:

In grepolis strategy is a survival skill ezpecially in Lambda if you don't know the ropes you will positively die in Lambda, espionge, attacking, activity is all a form of strategy if an alliance does not have any activity it falls down to communication if an alliance can't attack well, then you know the rest. Strategy is of the utmost importance because without strategy alliances will fall.

Column 5 Author's note:

I hope everyone liked my follow-up story and again if any of the articles offended you please tell me. Look for my next article which will point to the fighters fighting the infection as it will be called. Do you fear the Infection?


I have created another newsletter for PI so now i have two newsletters the Pi International and Lambda's News Weekly!


Artical idea

How about a section for leaders of successful alliances - top 12 open up to smaller players and help them learn the ropes... like a Q&A section and the leaders weigh in. Everyone knows theres is multiple ways to play this game so lets help out the new players.


Hey aragorn just wanted to point out that the mighty boosh, mighty boosh revolved, and stormlight empire were all the same alliance just reformed a couple of times. Believe me i know i was apart of them lol. Er well i guess MBR and SLE are the same because TMB was actually disbanded then reformed.


I know but each time they had an individual name so its nice to recongnize the whole group nt just one alliance name


SokMboppers your are right a Q&A with Leaders would be a great segment for your News Aragorn and dont worry i will make Special Appearances


Since I do the Mu Times, I'd like to suggest that you post the top 12 alliances and players. -SjsharksBoy


I will make the LWN once i have settled in my new home and place so wait at leat two more days and suggestions will be added to the LWN.


Lambda's Weekly News!

Column 1 The war you and it:

The World at War in lambda is raging although there hasn't been very much progression throughout this war. The fight goes on! This war has now four major alliances fighting it such as the IMPERIUM empire and the IS empire for the south and the north OOC and the newly established KOF empire. Spines are tingling mintaurs are fighting. Who will win this epic battle to the end?!

Column 2 Four score and 10 months ago:

Four score and 10 months ago our grepolis provider had established a new world, Lambda was what it called. A new world was being made to a prosperous and plentiful world. Our father alliances have all came and go and now see lambda as an established world one alliance in paticular has seen it throughout the entire game... IS there was sooooo many who have fought it soooo many who have tried. But our great wars is now tearing lambda apart into even a better world (didn't seee that coming) yes blood flows in every street polis and ocean in the game soldiers weep for homes while others charge at them with brave roars! We are now an established world.

Column 3 Any other alliances claiming or fighting in this world at war?

The world at war has brought many alliances to its knees some even threats from smaller alliances such as, "Your alliance is going to get it someday, one day all us small alliances will fight back" then as i would say it if i was being threatend, " Sure i am positive that my alliance and many other alliances will crumble, look kid i was once you and i never gave up show some heart"
But thats how i would handled it mostly, but many other small alliances are fighting only to defend they are not pressing attacks or even attacking themselves, more and more alliances are more scared of fighting then dying... they all continue to just defend until this world at war is over.

Column 4 :pro: What does he mean?

What does this little guy :pro: mean of course he means THIS IS GREPOLIS! He is sure that this game is fun for every Sparta like man out there? Does this necessarily mean that this is all that he is good for? No, heis probably one of the first battle harden man that has ever played grepolis! A scar over his eye he might even be one of your soldiers! Yes this liitle guy means more to grepolis so as he would say, :pro:

Column 5 Authors note:

I'm back but this will be the only one for a while so don't expect more as usual but this is it for now.


How about a section for leaders of successful alliances - top 12 open up to smaller players and help them learn the ropes... like a Q&A section and the leaders weigh in. Everyone knows theres is multiple ways to play this game so lets help out the new players.

nice idea Sok


Lambda's Weekly News!

Column 1 And Lambda wept:

Although i'm not quite sure if Lambda has missed the great leaders of the numerous alliances early in the game but i sure have. Where are they now we ask some, have real life issues and can't play much anymore, another is one cannot live through the war and strife of lambda. The great "alexanders" have all died to the dieseases such as the IS empire or the RL diesease or failure to connect. Some new alliances rise to power while others are still sooooooooooooooo involved in this war. Neither side waits for the enemy.

Column 2 Lambda wars reminder:

This is a reminder to the Lambda Wars that still go on in the today! Anyone forgot about it i think not this war is still to be taken as a top priority although neither side seems to be going anywhere it gives us players something to do!OOC KOF empires are fighting againest still the top alliances IS and IMPERIUM empires. Swords are crusted with virtual blood minotaurs are ebing bred for battle only time will tell who will win.

Column 3 Almost a one year aniversary for Lambda! :p:

It's almost December and officially Lambda will be one year old! :p It really brings us all to tears when we think what we have done to Lambda and what is now going on in Lambda are you doing your part for Lambda!?

Column 4 The issues with the LWN and the P.I:

I would like to address the issue of the LWN and the P.I i haven't done the P.I in probably a month now... but that will all change in time. The LWN and the P.I will have an issue every two other weeks now as i cannot keep up with it like i used to. Now if anyone would like to have the honor (please) to do a little bit of the P.I and a little bit of the LWN like a part time job please do not hesitate.

Column 5 Author's note:

I'd like to say hi to everyone as i have been gone from you for a week! :eek: Also if any of my newsletters have offended please don't hesitate to tell me! Thank you all for reading almost every article of the LWN. It means alot.


Lambda's Weekly News!
a.k.a LWN

Column 1 The world of Lambda so far:

Lambda a world full of oppurtunity, ripe always for a war, and always having something to do. Is there anything that Lambda doesn't have that doesn't make it a good world? :heh: Good players, good wars, and a good way to practice up on your warring and reasoning skills! The world at war still engulfs the globe of Lambda, North and South are at a standstill, it is almost if a huge minefield is between the two sides one wrong step and you will lose a limb. This war has been going on for about 3 months maybe more or less but that's how i've been counting.

Column 2 Patriot's or Loyalist's?:

One man once said, "One nation's patriot is another nation's traitor..." and another person said, "I go with the side that's going to win" perhaps he was a loyalist nevertheless both words are true.Now i will depict the IS empire and it's associates as Britain and Loyalist's and i will consider Order of Chaos and it's associates as Founding father's and Patriot's. Both side want something IS cities as so called "tax" and OOC let's just say "No taxation without Representation" other words the fight for freedom! By far this is one of the longest wars that has gone in Lambda! Are you a Patriot fighting for freedom or are you a Loyalist which basically is IS's Patriots! :D

Column 3 Deception and Skeptism:

This war is a long war perhaps it will last longer than a year... but alliances are getting tired of tugging at sides, some may even switch sides just to get a few more battle points. Some are skeptic about the war and even wonder when will this suffering end? Some previous alliances that might have fought for one side that was either for Freedom or servitude, now fight againest it... which really is deception and causes skeptism for many people.

Column 4 Guriella warfare and ambush do they work?:

Some might say yes but maybe i want you leaders of numerous other alliances to answer perhaps you can enlighten the question?

Author's note:

Has it really been a month since my last newsletter? I was keeping thoughts about the LWN it sure has been a long time.... again my motto if i ever have offended you in any way of this news article please do not hesitate to ask and i will make proper changes. Hapy hunting! :)


LWN special!

Lambda's Weekly News!Zombie Special!

Lambda's fright night:

As Zombies, Ghouls, and Ghosts alike converge on Grepolis so too does the Virus of War in Lambda does! Does this simply mean that people are frighten of this Virus no it seems as if people are being infected with it! :D The sun grows dark as Apollo's chariot flys away and Artemis's ghostly moon takes over turning players into Werewolves and Zombies alike! Will the nightmare end soon?! :Angry:

Zombies vs Werewolves:

We all still see this world at war coming or shall we call it the "Blood Harvest"? On the Zombie side, Infectious undead zombies and their cohorts the Ghosts of the night Imperium! On the Werewolve's side OOC and their cohorts the "Black" Knights of Freedom! Who will keep score of the winnings from both sides Werewolf to Zombie Zombie to werewolf only time will tell! :supermad:

A pumpkin hunt:

Admist of all the chaos we have a pumpkin hunt which gives a 5% production boost for your cities for 1 full hour! Every pumpkin you find gives you an extra hour of production! Are you going to take advantage of it?

Tis the night for one fright:
Not based on an actual story....
On the night of October 31st something brutal will happen... the gods banned myth units will rise from the dead and take the lives of women children and man. Horseman and Chariots cannot protect them... so tis the night for one fright on October 31st!

Frankenstein's note:

I am sorry to everyone for not making the newsletters soon but there isn't much to write about it's basically a whole world at war! Of course :pro: but this war has been going on from June to October maybe even before that both sides don't seem to falter. Again if my stories have offended you please do not hesitate to ask.... Happy hunting!


Special Edition news report:

Lambda's Weekly News!
a.k.a LWN

Column 1: Is Lambda going anywhere?

That is what some people are thinking as they see Lambda barely moving anywhere. Some players are even tired of fighting the attacks day after day week after week month after month it is very repetative and reluctant. Where have Lambda's glory days gone? Is it still a fun world? Is Infectious and IMPERIUM ever tiring of fighting? Only players can answer those questions.

Column 2: An alliance's downfall...

An alliances downfall, sad, shocking and sometimes even viewed as a way to freedom. Really though do many players long for their alliances glory days to come again. Many alliances have been doomed to deathed because of leadership, inactivity, or simply they're just horrible fighters lol come on some alliances were horrible fighters. Really though all players alliances are in bedded into their hearts where their alliance will remain forever.

Column 3: Personal note Delian League 2 year anniversery coming up :D:p :

I would just like to say that my alliances two year anniversery is coming up this December 23rd. Lol it was such a long hard road from 200000 points to 1 million points. I just wanted to give some recongition to my alliance members. But hey most of your alliances anniverserys are coming up where you'll turn at least 3 years old.

Column 4: Is fighting day after day really worth fighting for freedom?

Am i implying that freedom is not worth it no of course not. I'm saying is fighting a war for 6 months on a game straight day after day battle after battle. Yet noones going anywhere? Some might say yes some might say no but is it worth fighting everyday?

Authors note:

I hate to say it but i highly doubt that Lambda is really an interesting world anymore... OOC and KoF still fight IS and their unending wave of zombies. Lambda's glory alliances have passed and all thats left is a few freedom fighters and alot more loyalists in the game. Again i would like to say if anything has offended you please alert me!


Thank you aragorn595 for good articles. I need to disagree you a little bit. This is a very slow game and conquering one ocean may take about 6 months. Thats why wars also last very long. I am representing IoH, and at least we have progressing with taking over ocean 34, on June we barely had few cities there, now we got almost 2/3. In my opinion attacking just few weks aint even a war.

Thanks and cheers!


Oh, tired of fighting? Our crew aint, getting tired of fighting in wargame equals quitting. Fight will continue as long as Lambda