LWN Lambda Weekly News


true.. 2.0 will change the game pace.. and it will be a challenge definitely, but most of all it will be fun.


LWN Lambda's Weekly News

Lambda's Weekly News!

a.k.a LWN

Column 1 2.0 countdown!:

As most of Lambda goers and Grepolis goers know, 1.0 will be upgraded to 2.0! Yes, 2.0 will come in 7 days starting as of today December 1st, 2011... :supermad::Angry: is everyone else ready as i am! :p I certainly ain't ready still 2.0 should be a fun challenge that will bring out the animals in some players.

Column 2 December present hunt:

As we know of Lambda is being invaded by giant floating presents. That give bonuses and hints to the next present will be given once you find the first one you see. How many players now scour the globe for these present bonuses to win the war between the north and south.

Column 3 Nearing 2012:

Well in news people say that the end is in 2012. I'm not here to talk about that im talking about the end of everything that was held dear in Lambda of 2011. If the forums were more active i probably start a Lambda competion for things they remember in 2011 2 things they are fond of and 1 thing you dislike.

Column 4 "All the things i still remember summers never move the same":

That was a song quote from Daughtry's song September. It is true for Lambda the winds have changed more this year than last year. All the old alliances are gone and the few who remain are the conquerors. In Lambda nothing is considered normal.

Column 5 Author's note:

As again it's me aragorn595 giving the latest news of Lambda or at least trying to not repeat the same news over again. It's almost 2012 are you ready for it? As again if anything has offended you please contact me.


I agree. Just look at all the world maps to see the difference. In Lambda, every big alliance has it's own very organized section for the most part. Not many new people are joining so it's an overcrowded world.

I see Lambda becoming this war-torn circle in 2012. Maybe a few new players will come into the arena. But for the most part, the top 350 are doing just about all the work in the world and own so much that nobody else can play outside of the big alliances. OOC has it's oceans with OOTS. IOH has theirs. Imperium has theirs. IS has theirs. JUGG has it's own oceans. Myriad has it's own oceans. And KOF is squeezing in with OOC.

It will probably be a fight once the wars against KOF, OOTS and OOC die down. A new big one started and I think more will just continue to spur up from there.


hey mate try to fight IS,, IS need some challenge in there..lol


That's not my job. I'm quite sure you guys are our allies right now. You can fight some of your other neighbors to the east though.


Why don't you come and face us lol, we need something to get us off our beds.


A poem for Lambda 1.0,

Fare thy well lambda 1.0 it has been well,
Grepolis has been good, you have been swell,
We had a vote and we all began to think,
How wonderful would it be for lambda to not stink,

So we decided that 1.0 should upgrade,
And most people thought it would be nice,
Now on the fourms it is being downgraded,
People now think it as lice!

Now 2.0 is here and it is here to stay,
Oh how some of us wish it would go away!
The vote was final 75 to 25,
Maybe the 75s did a high five!

People are coming people are going,
The tension is rising and the war is growing,
IS and OOC still fight,
but noone will ever escape this fright,

Fare thy well 1.0,
Fare thy well memories,
Rest in peace,
Now 1.0 is deceased,


The LWN!

Lambda's News!

a.k.a LWN

Column 1 Is IS going to take over?:

With the recent struggle allliances that once fought for freedom must now fight for the control of world wonders. IS continues to not bring in its world wonders but also it still continues the assualt. Most cities on the world wonder front have over 10000 troops. Is this cocky or is this a brand new IS? The influenze is being mostly right now spreading but the freedom fighters the vaccine is still out there. As long as hope is on the horizon there will always be fighters who will fight to the end. Infectious State seems in no state of collapse but many other alliances are fighting for the right to rule this world.

Column 2 A viewpoint from the journalist:

When I think of the world of Lambda coming into the control of IS, it neither frightens me or fills me with joy, neither does it fill me with rage. It fills me with a profound sense of pride. No... not pride for IS but pride for the players who didn't go for IS and instead went againest who survived. Players who survived IS can now say, "Yea were still kicking IS your world wonders won't bring us down..." As much as IS's 2012 apocolyspe seems to be coming true, many players have made it to the other side. Eventually all players who have survived who have sticked together will become heroes themselves. There will never be a complete domination of Lambda, what i feared before of hero worlds i do not fear now. Who can say that IS is all powerful and never can be defeated? Even IS cannot say that even if they have the world wonders.

Column 3 What changes will come in this hero world?:

I can say for myself when I think that when Lambda turns into a Hero world for IS, I can say one change... There will be an effort to stop IS again, again, and again. No matter how much IS tries to push baack there will always be another alliance push back. OOC still proudly shows that after the lost of a great leader named Koz, but truly the legacy that Koz left behind is still here. OOC is still fighting they win small battles but it fills them with strength and only motivates them to move even harder. Even the rim is being affected by IS and their allies. How many people do we see that have lived through pain and sorrow that IS has brought how many players have fallen to IS? Even though people have fallen to IS they expect the rest of us to give up. I remember IS saying this is the North and South war, but what about now, will it be Lambda vs the Influenza? With the new changes to come in a Hero world it is only suppose to strengthen the people of Lambda, give me your swords, bows, spears and shields for tonight Lambda will feed in HADES!

Column 4 Will the Lambda news come to an end?:

Now only I can answer that question many probably think that I was done with the LWN perhaps even grepolis, but hey I can only blame Real life for that. I mean i'm still in my own cozy little home the Delian League. The very last person who was one of the Origional members. Hey what can I say Zombies only want brains, so i should be safe ;) . In Lambda i'm nothing but an old dimplomat and an old player of Lambda. I remember the goodole days when there was no worry of the Influenza. Until then this is aragorn595, signing off!

Column 5 Author's note:

I plan to do a little bit more newsletter if I feel if it's appropriate to do so. Anyway if any of my stories have offended please just either down rep me or tell me to change it.


And so it comes, that lambda is gone and im i wasn't here when it happened, farewell old world...