Mad Lib 3


Ok so i was just poking around the internet to see some stuff we can do here in athens . . . and this came to mind :p

Hopefully most of you have heard of or played this game, and i dont have to explain it anymore than i do now . . . i am going to post everything needed, after i post the list the flow will go like this . . .

  1. phoenix posts list
  2. poster #1 gives me the first thing on the list
  3. poster #2 gives me the second thing on the list
  4. poster #3 gives me the third thing on the list
  5. poster #1 can now give me the fourth thing on the list (if they want)
  6. poster #2 can now give me the fifth thing on the list (if they want)

Ultimately there has to be 2 other poster (not counting me) in order to post another thing. After each one is done I will close it and open a new thread for the next, then wen that one is done ill close it merge it with this one and make a new one and so on.

  • Cannot use the same word twice (even if its used as 2 different parts of speech).
  • Must be related to Grepolis as much as possible.
    • Example: if i need a verb something like "siege" would be grepolis related. They all dont need it for everything, but id like atleast 3 things in each related to grepo (preferably athens).
  • Profanity is not permitted to be posted AT ALL.

Here we go!!! :D remember to go in order

  1. food (plural): muffins
  2. animal (singular): panda bear
  3. singular noun: chair
  4. teacher: Professor Heineken
  5. adjective: fat
  6. friend: jimmy
  7. present tense verb: blast
  8. past tense verb:________
  9. plural noun:________
  10. favorite TV show:________
  11. present tense verb:________

present tense is with no ending
past tense is with an -ed at the end
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i dont see how either "camel" or "lady" is a friend -_- name would be nice i think