We are looking to recruit players in the area of Ocean 45. Im not going to sit here and blow smoke about our alliance. If you want to join us, please do. If not, then I dont know why you are looking in the alliance forum :)

We understand that this is a new world, so points are not an issue at the moment, but experience is. We will take beginners, but be prepared to learn fast.

If you want to join, please message Lady Vee in-game with "Maelstrom" as the subject, and include your ocean.


Probably not, don't think that he's a real star either...


I remember Maelstrom from Omicron
They got defeated by DF, Alpha and the rest of the coalition of alliances.

I was there... Good Luck here


Lmao no this was just some people who are now in LOD. Nothing to do with any other alliance, there was just a a guy from scandanavia who brought the name up


Lightfoot1 it was totally NOT like that, Maelstrom in omicron merged with The Unit because most of us were on safe place and we had no action anywhere near us because WE CLEARED EVERYTHING AROUND US :) maybe you dont remember me but we use to play in the same alliance STORM before we created Maelstrom and before I talekd with bcae to help you and some other guys from (i think) ocean 46 to bring you in DF so that you are on safe place because you were too far away from the rest. Anyway I hope you still play great like you use to ;)