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Not saying this idea needs to be top priority right now, but I am just looking for suggestions so I can improve the idea.


this is what IGG did with the original galaxy online, making balance attached to faction, and game-play competing for advantage in that balance. each faction had a starter section of the "pie" along the outermost parts, while taking spots as factions, fighting to take over other faction areas, getting the spots with the best production rates, building the best defenses to keep them, and the best "ships" to take more.

the goal was to reach the center for a faction wide set of advantages, which would only be kept for a specified period, and making it available to other factions to take over, like a cross between king of the hill and capture the flag.

if a game goes circular, I'd advise a different format than this, because the original GO was SO bad, it was eventually killed, intentionally, by every player still involved, creating a chat glitch that rendered the rest of the game unplayable, and funders picking up their balls to find greener pastures.

its had some offspring, but for those of us who were there from day one, it is affectionately known as "Gamers' Hell"


Round is cool but would have to make it to where going out one side brings in from another for it to be any good.
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coolest idea i've seen in a while

in response to i believe it was rachel about more pressing issues... not hard to argue that, but at same time some of those issues can in theory never be permanently solved. For example- cheating... like hacking, you find a defense to it, and a counter to that defense is than formed... am i saying don't try? Hell no, definitely try. But that doesnt mean because it's an issue that idea for better gaming shouldnt be considered.

I also agree with her in that some mobile upgrades would be great... i see they are doing so.. but why can't we change a cities name from mobile yet? seems kinda silly... anywho, not here to complain

I do however love this idea, and would love to see it actually put in play if at the very least as a test world, to see how it plays out. It would give us old players some renewed hope and excitement in the game.

One last thing I will leave off at... get some better advertisements inno... what happened to the old t.v commercials and such.. put a little effort in brinigng new blood eh? :)

Well thought out though Fig.. kudos man