Malicious Paradigm

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The Chosen 0ne

I am making a premade alliance for world Sigma. We are going to be called Malicious Paradigm.

South-East (Ocean 55)

1. Send Grepostats.
2. Get on at least once a day.
3. Have experience in another world.
4. Be in O55.

1. Dominate the ocean, then world. (duh)
2. Have good, experienced members.
3. Being well respected and feared.
4. Being hated and a distraction.
5. Member cap will be 60.

My Experience:
I have led many alliance, and I am currently leading 2 alliances. I was an original player of Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta (on a different account).

What's In It For You?
We are an alliance. We will defend each other with our... accounts. We will never give up, and will keep growing and learning. We will teach each other what we know, and keep secrets safe. We will be malicious to our enemies.

Free CoA!
If you are in my alliance, I will make a free in-game CoA for you. If you are on the grepo forum, I can make you a free signature, avatar, or profile picture if you want.

If you want to join, send me a PM or post below. I will accept anyone from the forum with experience.

List of Joining Members:

The Chosen 0ne,
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Well then Chosen. I guess you owe me the following OR samples of the following:

- In game CoA
- Sig
- Avatar
- Profile Pic

Ahahaha. I kid I kid. But I would really like an in game CoA ;)
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