Newspaper Mantis-AdonisHerkules


I am realy sorry that my account on Alpha got quiet!
I had some real troubles in my life
which ever it is not neccacary to explain or to bring up here
I just wanna make sure that i would never left my alliance and my friends in Alphaworld
with out saying good by
to many years i spend with my brothers in arm
right now i started a new chance to grow in Fasala world
where TBDI is riseing fast to what i saw
seems they have good recruiters
Raven is here and few old members of Alpha to like borrgi etc.
The biggest player has just 6 citys its a brand new world to grow together again :)
I am in the south west oc 55 - 564/503
I created Mantis here alone again
who ever wanna join it would make happy i also understand which dont
i know its much afford to rise up to 100 citys again