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    It's a hard one to explian...
    I'm with you this far, but 5 days ago only 19 Romes would appear, each would have their own unique ID
    Not exactly. I'm suggesting that if the Rome selected today was changed 5 days ago, the name would change to Athens when the history is set to 5 days ago.
    only if a new search is invoked, ie user types in the input field. This is based on the original search matching the input text and then looking up the ID today. The text data for the same ID 5 days ago would be Athens. All cities have a unique ID even if there are multiples of them with the same name. The converse is true if Athens was looked up 6 days ago and the same one selected. walking forward in history would reflect the name change to Rome 5 days ago, and will continue to be the same until today.
    All objects have their own unique ID, just some of them are unlikely to change.

    Currently, whatever is typed into the input field is matched and displayed. If there is not a match, then the red highlight is shown, so the system is partially there for updating the text. All that needs to happen, is if there is a match, the ID is looked up and stored, and whatever text belongs to that ID at any point in history is displayed. If the ID doesn't exist, the object doesn't exist, so therefore is void.

    This should work for all objects. Towns are the most troublesome because of the possibility of multiple matches, and that problem exists in game (which of 4 5quelch's City is the right one?), but once one is selected, the ID can be used wherever you like and it will always point to the same city even when it's named Viccoh's City.

    Another benefit of this method, is the very long URL's could be shortened to a string of ID's
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    Aug 22, 2011
    This map is no more.
    I cannot stand the way Grepolis is run and I cannot devote any more time and resources to this ridiculous community. And we're not allowed to say anything about it either because then we're arrogant and annoying.

    So I'm sorry that you all have to have yet another dead link in this section. I have asked a moderator to remove it, but he doesn't want to (guess they always know better).

    Good bye.
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    There's no need to close down your map program because the mods don't agree with you. The only people you're hurting by closing this down is the players who all appreciate the hard work you've put into this map. This has also provided a massive amount of help to me with figuring out targets and my current position.

    I'm sorry that you've had a bad time on these forums and that it has caused you to leave :(
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    This is the best map browser ever!
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    Mar 21, 2011
    NOOOOOOOOOO My worst nightmare!
    I am sorry to hear this,this was a great thing and very helpful!
    I wish u good luck in RL and maybe u can come back again and make this program again in future!

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    Well you have had a pretty negative attitude, i don't really know you but i've seen a few of your posts and they're all criticising something or someone.

    Saying that the devs not fixing the bugs because they decided to take a holiday was a stupid and arrogant thing to say (along with the rest of your post). It is Christmas, everything is getting done slower now.

    If you have an issue just PM a mod or something, no need to flame up the forum.
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    Apr 6, 2011
    shucks dude that is a shame...your site was incredible