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    Thanks to Osl for his Paint.NET tut. I personally don't really do maps, but I thought for anyone with GIMP they can achieve good results with this program.

    Of course you will have to have GIMP
    and also you will need to visit Grepolis Maps

    As Osl has been over how to get maps from Grepolismaps I won't take to much time on it.

    Simply click on the world you want then you will need to customize your map.
    You have to select a zoom of 4 or greater to get see the polis's. I selected 16.

    The co-ordinates are useful, type in the co-ordinates of your own polis to center the map on it.

    Now you need to add players and alliances. Use different colours for each alliance and player
    These two screenshots show what to do. They resulted with this map.
    Now you need to copy or save the map by right clicking on it.

    Open the map in GIMP.
    You will need to use the select by colour tool.
    Click on one of the tribe/players polis'
    Then go to select - grow. I chose to grow by 3 pixels

    Then you need to select the blend tool. You can use the same two colours or two similar colours.
    Drag it across the screen. Then go to select - none.
    this is the result.
    Repeat this with all players and allainces. Remember to use differnet colours for each alliance and player.

    Now you need to add text. Simply click the text tool and click somewhere on screen. Select a font and type the allaince name or player name. Resize the text.
    I chose to change the opacity of the layer so you could see the polis' easier. This is on the layers tab.
    Then i chose to use the drop shadow tool in filters.
    This is my final map.


    Feel free to ask any questions.

    I have experimented with floating the polis' This makes it easier to change in future. Here is a map done using this and also using a white drop shadow.

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  2. tyroncs

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    Nice tutorial, will definitely help me in the future
  3. Osl112

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    Superb tutorial Carf, good job!
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    Great tutorial mate. In my opinion, Gimp is the best free image editor and I hope that with this tut more people will learn it.
  5. JKP3nt

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    Feb 28, 2010
    hmm, I will compare it to Paint.NET and then say which is better :p
  6. carf

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    Have added spoilers so the page loads easier. If anyone wants a video tutorial and can suggest a free recording program for the mac I will do one.
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    Jan 15, 2010
    well done carf amazing <3