Map Making Tutorial Using Paint.Net


Part Two- Adding the Alliances

3) Time to start adding the alliances. I would recommend doing 5 alliances on a map (10 at max) as otherwise, you will run out of colours and you won't be able to distinguish one alliance from another. Which brings me on to my next point. Make sure to use light, vibrant colours that stand out on the map. Otherwise, you will find it will be hard to see the alliances on the map and the map won't be as good a visual aid. I would advice light blues, yellow, orange, a vibrant red (one not as dark as the one for normal players), light greens, pinks and possibly pale colours. Make sure the colours aren't too similar to the ones on the standard map.
Time to get back to adding alliances. Go back to Grepolis Maps and add one of the alliances you want. And only one. Alliances are ordered by rank on the drop down list at GrepoMaps, so be prepared to scroll for your alliance (unless you're in the top 10, ofc). Once you have found the alliance you want, click on the white box next to it. This will allow you to change the colour of the alliance's markers. After this has been done, make sure it is set on the same zoom and co-ordinates as the background you took earlier and create the map.

Copy the image by right clicking on it and copying. Then go onto the Paint.Net running and paste it into a new layer (Edit>Paste Into New Layer). Then, as we did earlier, edit the layer name from "Layer #" to That
alliances name and colour.

4) Phew, that was pretty long winded. Now, zoom in on your map to around 200%. You should see your markers more clearly now. You will also see these light coloured patches here and there. These islands are colonizing islands. However, we will use them for something different. We are going to use them to cut out everything in that layer except the markers.
To do this, we need the magic wand tool. Select the magic wand tool (in the tool window, 1st column, 4th one down). Tolerance is manually set at 50% (you will be able to see this on the tool option bar at the top).
Now, click on one of these lighter patches in the sea. Now, everything should be selected except for the colourful markers. If it selects the markers as well as the background, you need to set the tolerance lower or change the colour.
Now that everything is selected except the colourful markers, press cut (the scissors). Only the markers will remain on this layer. Although you should notice no difference from before as the layer below is providing the scene.

5) You still have to zoom into see the markers though. However, lets change this. Make sure the layer with the markers on is selected. Then, get the color picker (in the tool window, 2nd column, 7th down) and click on one of your markers. Now, in the color window, you will see the colour appear.
Good. After that, make sure that you are on the right layer again. As I directed at the start, you should've downloaded and installed the plugin. This is where it will get used. Go to Effects>Object>Outline Object. If this isn't there, it means you haven't installed it correctly...
A window with different sliders and a color dial appears. First of all, underneath the RGB text boxes in the middle part of the window, should be a button with a blue arrow. Click this. Now, the color of your markers should appear in the box top left of the dial.
Now, you can choose the other settings. If this is your second or another alliance you are adding to your map, do NOT change the softness or width or else the map looks distorted.Set width to a figure you are happy with (between 2-4 is whats best usually) then set a softness. You may set 0, which will practically make them squares or set them to 200, which will make them into very antialiased circles. Look at the preview in the background. Once happy, press ok and wait for all to load.

Now, you have the markers for that alliance. If you want more alliances on your map, make sure you do them in a different colour making sure each new alliance marker added is on a new layer. If you wish for more alliances on your map, please repeat steps 3 to 5. I added 2 more alliances, though you may want to add 4 or even 9 more.
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Do you think it is possible to make a guide like this using iPaint? Its a Mac application and that is what i'm using since it won't allow me to use Paint.Net since it is made for windows. I would be very grateful.



Just what I was looking for, good instructions, easy to follow and get a good result.


Wow first day joining the forums and I'm already thankful to be reading this guide right here. :) You are easy follow and straight to the point without hurting the learning experience. Thank you kindly sir, and I hope to be reading more from you.


ok I have figured out everything except the upload to (tinypic)<<<<what is this and how do I do it......Thanks in advance....