Newspaper Marathon Revival Issue #1


Marathon Revival Issue #1


Current top 10 ABP Standings:

ABP Interpretation (Sink or Swim)

#1 RYW- Terrific gains in ABP, most aggressive alliance in Marathon at this time, expecting to control O55- Swim

#2 TSR- Good ABP gain, no doubt from the clash for O55 supremacy with RYW,I don’t see them winning O55 but only time will tell- Sink

#3 Eclipse- Newly formed merge alliance, have made significant ABP gains for their short time as an alliance could go far- Swim

#4 Ultimate Dark Titans- Fighting a defensive war, significant gains in defensive ABP however little gain in Offensive ABP- Sink

#5 Rouge Bullz- Aggressive alliance, nearly all Offensive ABP, experienced yet lacks in points- Swim

#6 The Art of War- Seems like an Aggressive alliance, Almost all Offensive ABP & seem relatively experienced- Swim

#7 The Black Death Imperium- Mostly Offensive ABP, however seem to resemble an MRA, they have potential- Sink

#8 Empire of Death- Mostly Offensive ABP, lacking sufficient member count & points- Sink

#9 DreadFleet- Mostly Offensive ABP, a bit low in ABP at this time, however I expect a big change in the next few weeks- Swim

#10 Euthanatoi- Mostly Offensive ABP, High in points & high in members, MRA I don't expect a turn around for them- Sink

For this Issue we will be focusing on O55, there are many alliances suited up for war but the question is who will prevail?

Alliance Interviews:

v0nClausewitz(Leader of RYW)-
1) Your Alliance is currently #1 in O55, do you see the other alliances as a threat or more like easy BP?
I would be lying if I said all the alliances in O55 are easy BP. The Southerners Reborn have proven that they can politic very well and The Langoliers have really shown that they can snipe navies and get a large group of capable attackers to participate. Many others are just easy BP as they are not yet consolidated or coordinated to defend against an attack.

2) Do you plan on making any pacts with other alliances at all in this world? or is it Raise Your Weapon against the world?
RYW has a pact with Rouge Bullz in Ocean 56. At this point, its not really RYW against the world as much as its RYW at war or farming those in Ocean 55. We may entertain another long-term pact in the future, but as you can tell, the world is still in flux.

3) Raise Your Weapon has the top attacking ABP & overall ABP, is it all coming from one alliance or are you purging O55 of all others?
We have been very fortunate to have a great group of attackers from the beginning, but there are several in Ocean 55. There have been some attacker losses due to new worlds opening up like Extraordinary Gentlemen, Pin Drop Violence and recently =KillingMachine=, but most have remained in The Langoliers. We haven't engaged their attacks as much as we have liked, but we are looking forward to their challenge.

4) What is your opinion of The Southerners Reborn (TSR)?
My poor public opinion of TSR is based purely on the actions and decisions of their leadership as I haven't had the privilege of meeting their players for a length of time. I have respect for Zazen and No10 to name a few as they've shown good form in attacks and support. But in 1 1/2 years I have never encountered leadership who have spent more time politicking than working to improve and leverage their players' strengths. The numerous spying incidents, coalitions, psych games, desertions, treason, disbandments, and threats within just the 5 weeks is some type of milestone, or at least grounds for a great PnP once this war is over.

5) Where do you see Raise Your Weapon in a month or so?
In a month, I see RYW better tuned to coordinate as standalone teams, we're more effective at timing our attacks, and still pushing high numbers for ABP. As for the status of our war against TSR and their coalition or our #1 ranking in O55 in one month, I don't know. There is still room for a likely merger by TSR and their allies as a last ditch effort for strength in numbers. However, in the end I believe we will prevail.

Some kind donations from Raise Your Weapon:



Dash2001(Leader of TSR)-
1) Your Alliance is currently #2 in O55, are you at war with any particular alliance, or is it an all out brawl for O55?
By the end of bp, we were at war with several alliances, but as those alliances died or merged (AGW, SPLATT, ENIGMA, ExG) so did our conflicts with them. We are currently only at war with Raise Your Weapon, but since their merger with Enigma that has certainly turned into a nice little fight for control of Ocean 55.

2) TSR currently has the top defensive ABP is this because of attacks from Raise Your Weapon(if so could we have some reports)?
RYW is definitely the most aggressive attacking alliance in Marathon, this was apparent right out of the gates when they attacked everyone within their reach. It is a fair strategy: Attack all you can, gain more BP and with it more city slots, thus one hopes to outgrow the server. We have very aggressively defended each of our members and that has led us to also gain significant BP, and as we all know, the advantage leans toward the defender.

3) What is your opinion of Raise Your Weapon?
I think they are a formidable opponent. They are well organized, have strong leadership, and play by the rules. That said, I am confident that TSR can beat them in the struggle for 55, it is nice to beat the best on your way to becoming the best.

4) Where do you see TSR in a month or so?
We are continuing to grow and each of our members improves every day. In a month I see us as an even stronger team than we are today. We will continue to fight, to learn, and to grow as a unit. We will never stop improving.

Unfortunately Dash was unable to contribute any reports (Doesn't have any TSR favorable one's maybe?? who knows)..

Leonidas MCMIV(Diplomat of Black Empire)-
1) Your Alliance is currently #3 point wise in O55 however you have not made as much as a significant ABP rise why is that?
We have not have significant ABP rise, although we want to increase it, because we are focusing on growing and having strong allies rather than attacking and having enemies.

2) Black Empire has been seen by some to be a "scavenger" alliance picking up any members TSR or RYW do not want, what do you have to say about this?
Well I actually dont have much to say about this cause I am not the recruiter, only the diplomat.

3) What is Black Empire's policy on Pacts? Do you make a lot of pacts? very little? none at all?
We are open to any pacts or NAPs as long as the other alliance shows organization and experience.

4) What is your opinion of TSR & RYW?
I see TSR as a very good alliance and a very good ally (NAP). I respect RYW cause their leader seems experienced. But I dont like and dont recommend what they are currently doing, which is farm everyone. This will get you into a lot of trouble in a close future. I have also had a talk with their diplomat and founder but they seem closed to pacts or NAPs.

5) Where do you see Black Empire in a month or so?
I see Black Empire as the main alliance of O55, or another ocean. (We may move)

Black Empire also could not provide us with any reports- maybe in the same boat as TSR??

I also attempted to speak to The Langoliers after being told they were formidable opponents in O55 however I was met with no answer from one of their leaders and an odd message from their other leader..


I told them they had until 1 day, in which they did not respond to, too insecure??



Player Interviews:
1) As you may have seen, your rapid growth was upsetting many players, and a thread was even posted about destroying you, what is your response to this?
My growth was rapid, yet I expected many people to feel "uneasy" about my progress. Most all the opinions of me on the forum were greatly inaccurate. I know there was some type of plan or effort to overtake me, but nothing came of it; however, I didn't take it lightly and prepared for waves. The headhunter that started it all came from 3rd Shock Army. I didn't and still don't have any respect for that person. His arrogance and immaturity are great indicators for a terrible leader. I suspect his initial energy and effort for my downfall roots from him not receiving enough hugs as a toddler and not receiving enough kisses during his current bid as a teenager. Someone, please go and love him. =)

2) Many described you as a lone wolf with no real power, however your alliance has grown exponentially and is now ranked 12th in the world while being 14th in ABP overall where do you see Carte Blanche in a month?
2)My growth and "lone wolf" title came from individuals that didn't know anything about me, my team, or our plans. It's often easy to make assumptions when you're in the dark about something or someone. Our growth was, believe it or not, by design. In a month, I see big changes; I see changes that many didn't have the foresight to anticipate or expect.

3) You have recently fallen down to rank #2 in points, with Licorne taking the lead while you are bothwell ahead of the crowd, do you see him as your personal rival in this world or could you care less?
Licorne is obviously someone who understands strategy and risk. I congratulate him on his pole position. For me, it was never about points, the points don't tell the story about a city or a only provide an indication of their activities and potentials. I've seen a 3k player lose almost all his troops to a player who only had 400 points - points are less important to those that understand the game. As for Licorne, no I don't see him as a rival, yet I'm fully aware he's lurking around. =)
It's always good to know what's going on around you.

1) You have been growing very rapidly, about the same pace as Tbrew, and there was a forum post attempting to sign people up for his destruction, do you fear your rapid growth might result in the same may?
No. I play with my alliance people. And we are stron in OC44.

2) Do you regret growing at such an exponential rate seeing as morale gives you a major disadvantage, and could we see a possible intentional decrease in points allowing others to catch up?
Morale is a good thing for evening up the game. However if strong players ply collectively with teir own alliance, morale is not an issue.

3) You have recently taken 1st place in points (passing Tbrew) as you know you and Tbrew are well ahead of the pack, do you see him as a sort of rival or could you care less?

Not at all. We talk to each other.
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I love it. Not only did you provide more interviews, but you asked great questions. To be fair, Dash2001/No10/chironka and a few others did snipe a few of our conquests with and without the former spy's information. But the reports were probably too old and deleted by now. I respect the confidence shown by Dash2001 and Leonidas MCMIV and Eeyore's a smart cookie. Not sure, but I think Phoenix Reborn are also invested in the O55 war. Maybe next issue.

I also really enjoy the Tbrew & Licorne interviews. They are easy skapegoats for jealousy like in any world, yet you asked them the right questions, demonstrating they are normal people with a realistic view on things. To each his own.

Are you looking for a TV reporting job? Because all in all, Chuck Norris approves.
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Solid issue mate. I hope to see much more of this.





Thanks everybody, It is my first newspaper so im glad to hear it went well. :D

I am looking to get a new issue out every week however it may not be possible seeing as I am an alliance leader and just everyday life, but I will be continuing it


Great to see a GOOD paper up and running may it start some discussions and last the whole world!


thanks mattr130, great read!

how often are you planning on making these? cant wait for the next issue :D


im looking to have one up every week, however some issues may come out a few days later due to my busy schedule, but this paper will be here until the end of the server :D


Nice job bro, i dont even play this world and your paper tells me everything. +rep.


im sorry you lost your city and your alliance, but you do not need to continue the bashing on the forums, got kicked out of your own alliance that has got to hurt :D


I have been very busy both in game and at work, this will be one of the later one's, sorry guys