Newspaper Marathon Revival Issue #2


Marathon Revival Issue #2


::::::::: INFO :::::::::

Current top 10 ABP Standings:

ABP Interpretation (Sink or Swim)

#1 RYW- Outstanding increase in ABP from the last week. An increase of almost 90,000 points! A majority of these are Attacking BP- Swim

#2 TSR- An increase of about 80,000 points. Very significant but the majority of these BPs still come from Defensive BP. Will the tables be turned in the coming weeks? We will have to see, but for now- Sink

#3 Eclipse- This alliance is killing everybody on sight! With an increase of about 60,000 ABP, about 70% of their BP remains attacking BP- Swim

#4 Ultimate Dark Titans- Their stats remain mostly defensive BP with a respectable increase of about 40,000 ABP. However, how long will they last?- Sink

#5 DreadFleet- Up from Position 9 to position 5, with an increase of about 40,000 ABP. Roughly 80% of their ABP is purely attacking BP!- Swim

#6 The Art of War- Very similar stats to Dreadfleet, however slightly outperformed in this last week. Regardless remains powerful.- Swim

#7 Rouge Bullz- Has slacked off a little this last week. Went down 2 ranks. An increase of 35,000 ABP, however their attacking BP remain high- Swim

#8 The Black Death Imperium- Their numbers have dropped considerably and they don't look like an MRA anymore than TSR does. They seem to have been a bit lazy on their growth though and didn't move up neither down the ranks.- Swim

#9 The Langoliers- A new power arises. With 44,000 ABP this week. Three quarters of their ABP are attacking BP. Although high number of members and low average, they are doing pretty good for a rim alliance.- Swim

#10 Euthanatoi- A lazy increase of roughly 25,000 ABP. Half of them are Defensive BP. Their average points remain low.- Sink

::::::::: GOSSIP :::::::::

How long has it been? A week now? Phew! Time flies man. Some alliances have grown double their sizes, others have emerged as new powerful continent dominants. Even other alliances have stopped being Rim alliances and have become CoRim alliances. Most of these have come a long way into the top 10 rankings, and even becoming the most aggressive ones out there. But... What does the future hold for them?
For this Issue we will be focusing on the CoRim alliances, but since they happen to be relatively many, we will be separating it in 2 issues. Ladies and Gentlemen I present you, "The CoRimmers" Part 1.

Alliance Interviews:

Rouge Trooper(Leader of Rouge Bullz)-
1. Rouge Bullz has managed to become a top alliance, yet there has been very little to gossip about your alliance. Please, tell us who you are, what you stand for, what is currently happening in your area, any new important events, etc. We want to know it all!

We are a bunch of noobs. This premade was ,at first, a part of AweShock (the premade in Naxos) when the marathon settings became public I couldn't wait more. I took some handful of players from the AweShock team and made this premade. We stand for QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. This is very important in RBz. Currently we are fighting the alliance Dragons of Ares (Note: We are fighting they are stacking). We to date conquered 4-5 cites and stopped 2 sieges. They HAVE NOT conquered any city and they stopped 2 sieges (one of them they didn't stop, the claimer recalled the CS but I don't want to give names cause I make him angry every time with this and don't want to make his name public). There is no new events going on here in O56.

2. How is the war with Dragons of Ares going? As of lately Rouge Bullz has gone a little down in the ABP ranks. Are Dragons of Ares proving to be difficult?

This war is going one sided as of now. We are conquering and they have their founder stacked with 481 biremes :( Hope this changes in the future and they start fighting.

3. Does being surrounded by powerful alliances worry you? (Carte Blanche to the west, RYW and TSR to the north and Dreadfleet to the east)

Our alliance has very good relationships with RyW (currently pact alliances) and DreadFleet (currently a very nice founder to chat with in skype). RBz is in a very nice relationship with those 2. As for TSR well we AREN'T in a nice relationship (yes we helped RyW to defend some sieges against them) so that makes us enemies :p We have no relationship with Carte Blanch BUT I will explain this better in the next question.

4. What are Rouge Bullz's plans for the future? Will you be expanding to other continents soon or will you just focus on O56?

We will ,after securing O56, go into O45 so that will make us get hostile against Carte Blanch and all the alliances in there. After O45 gets secured we will move into O44 and thus controlling the western side of marathon and our allies RyW ruling the eastern side. After this happens we will start conquering the rim with our back defended by RyW and vice versa.

A very eye-catching report, courtesy of Rouge Bullz

Apparently Dragons of Ares are only good at stacking. Further reports indicate that it's now gone into the 500 biremes! These boys need to stop protecting papa founder so much and start worrying about themselves!

mattr130(Leader of Dreadfleet)-
1. Dreadfleet as an alliance started developing a bit late in this world. Yet has managed to get to the top 3 position in the world point-wise. What are your comments on this?
I don't think we started off too late in the world, however we are not in the core. I am happy to see DreadFleet doing so well, the teamwork & participation is great here and wouldn't change a thing. We are number 3, not number 1 so its still a work in progress.
2. It's been a short infamous diplomatic history for Dreadfleet, hasn't it? What do you have to say about it? Mind to show us your cards?
This infamous diplomatic history comes from an alliance that broke the AGREEMENT(not pact) with us & we simply responded with destroying them :) As for future diplomacy, I don't see it being a problem for alliances that actually know what they are doing because they realize this is a war game and none of us are here to sit around and play sim city
3. What do you attribute the rapid growth and success of Dreadfleet (IN TWO OCEANS!) to and why?
I find that the decision to recruit both in O65 & O66 from the beginning was what really kicked it off, we got some great recruits and those people have remained loyal to this day. From the moment our first player got conquest I saw a great deal of participation from everyone and I knew we would do well. Ever since then it has been a mix of Diplomatic decisions and brute strength that has given us the upper hand in O65 & O66, but most of all I have to credit the members in their ability to see the importance of working as a team & putting the alliance's needs before their own.
4. What are your plans for Dreadfleet in the future?
I plan on working with everybody here to get DreadFleet into the number 1 spot both point wise and ABP wise. I am looking forward to expanding past O65 & O66 and above all else work towards the World Wonders just as every other alliance is (Although it is a long time until then). Overall im looking to have fun and work as a strong team, as far as exactly where DreadFleet expands to will be decided when the time comes.

An interesting report, courtesy of Dreadfleet:

Looks like that is their daily meal. Tasty BP indeed.
I want them

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Aiolis (Leader of Eclipse)-
1. What has it been like after the big merge? The most notorious of it is your big change in the leadership, a leader was kicked out while other players went up the ladder, what can you tell us about it?

The merge: Very well-planned! Essentially, it was a strategic move, as both alliances stood unopposed in O44. We couldn't have been happier with its result.
We had a shakeup in leadership, but it was well worth it. As everyone knows, an alliance needs a strong backbone in order to remain successful. The new leadership is much more stoic and knowledgeable in the game. Everyone has sworn their dedication to the alliance, and have put it's interests ahead of their own. The natural leaders have indeed emerged at last.

2. Having secured ocean 44 this early in the game is a big achievement. What or who is/are the responsible for the powerfully fast development of your alliance?

We owe this to luck and to the Grepolis map designers lol. While a fourth of us were together in Ithaca and Knossos, things really just came together.
Also, compare O44 to the other cores. It has a GIANT VOID in its center lol, so less land to secure = easier to take. Plus, the NW is generally less populated than the other directional oceans.

3. Eclipse seems unstoppable. However the world of Marathon surely isn't perfect. What challenges does your alliance face?

Obviously the speed of this world will be an issue, and I am sure everyone has felt this pressure. Many people just don't have the patience to stay in a slow world, but those that do, reap the rewards. Who will stand the test of time? Too early to tell exactly, but we plan to be here till the end.

4. What are Eclipse's future plans? Will you be expanding to another continent soon? Tell us all about it.

We will see about this one; it will be inevitable at some point. We stand in calm waters, so territorial expansion should be clean and fast while others duke it out elsewhere. I like where we stand at the moment, and I like the enthusiasm that Eclipse members exert, and I would like to thank all of them for their loyalty and ethic.

On an aside, we all need to thank Yokhen here for continuing this newspaper. This has been a tradition in each world, and has brought friends and foes together. In the end, this is all a game after all, and the forums can provide people with a reality check sometimes.

Signatory: leaders of Eclipse

...So everybody, please say: "THANK YOU YOKHEN!"


Unfortunately we didn't receive any reports from Eclipse. Too bad. I bet they have some pretty baddass ones.

::::::::: HUMOR :::::::::

So, for the first time ever in this very fresh newspaper, I would love to present you all with the new section of Humor! Here we will post funy things that people will send me along the week..... RIGHT? You will send me stuff, RIGHT???!!!
But in any case, even if you don't I will come up with something.

So let's begin with a few old but good Rage comics:

I bet many of you feel this way when building a CS...

I never liked ghosts.... Well, actually I do... I love them....

And although that's the beginning. That's also the end of it.

::::::::: ANNOUNCEMENTS :::::::::

This is also a new section implemented in this edition. Let us all welcome it with open hearts and arms.

  • No player Interviews this time. Sorry misters. However...
    I would like to apologize to you all. This week we don't have player interviews. The creator simply had no idea who was relevant enough to make them a star. However next week we are really looking forwards to some players interviews, however for that we need your help! Yes mister, your help! We need you to suggest us people who we should interview for the next issue. That's right! So you narcissistic man, you can even suggest yourself if you want to.
  • Looking for Staff. Aw Yeah!
    Yeah, that's right! Short and to the point. We need staff to make this newspaper even better and much more of an easier job. If you wanna volunteer to help or if you want to screw with someone else's life into compromising them with helping in the newspaper without their consent go ahead and message Yokhen (it doesn't matter if it's done through the forums or ingame) or just post in the comments and we will be contacting you.
  • Information. Hmmm Yummy!
    Do you have a funny story? Controversial things to share? Should we acknowledge some basic fact we have all been ignoring? Don't hesitate to contact us! Send a message to Yokhen or post it in the comments.

Author and Publisher's final notes:
I feel like this issue was relatively easy. Yet it took about 2 days, which made it boring. I like it when things go fast (reason why I am looking for helpers). But in the end of the day (rather, night over here) it was all finito!
As you may have seen, I stole Matt's format a little bit. Being a newbie in newspaper-ing, I really wasn't much up in for transforming the system. However, as it goes I will try to make it more and more a thing of its own.
Finally, I wanna thank you all for reading this and I hope it is of your liking. It also is my first newspaper, so please, be merciful :) I am very open to suggestions and constructive criticism though. If possible I wanna make it as entertaining as possible with every edition.


Great Issue, I think you are doing a fine job and encourage you to continue it. I like the humor section and you provided us with an outlook on the major alliances in this world.


Look forward to seeing the next issue, and I don't mind helping out (see you are looking for helpers) Just wasn't up for making the whole thing :)
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Rate 1-10: 15 :)


You can continue to take two weeks if this is the quality we recieve. I thouroghly enjoyed this. Awesome job!


dangit, the +rep button froze...ughhh

and haha, i was really lazy to post a battle report, its been a busy day, maybe next time ;)


Awesome paper...and to repeat the humor section:)


Great questions again and nice added content! Look forward to the next issue... I guess that will be the far-out rim feature?


^I'm guessing the third one will be published during the Age of Wonders.



Lol that would definitely suck then :(

I'm hoping one could be published in like next week or so.. But looking at the speed of it I doubt that it would so.. Maybe in next month.


Love the paper idea; can Ya throw-in a little O45 conflict? Yeah sure, Eclipse has about tripled lately and Dreadfleet has reached #1 but hasn't anyone noticed tiny == SeaL Elite == swallowing fleets of ships and incoming offensive units? Over the past few weeks 'very many' of our players have reached the top 10 in defensive BP and the world is still young! Also; O35 has consolidated and is essentially all a single alliance now...