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Speed 2+ Conquest with Domination
With domination being tested on NL, we figure domination will hit EN servers by fall / winter (hopefully)

1 - Play with the app / attack alarm
2 - Use skype
3 - No cheating
4 - No walls above 1
5 - Have your teammates' back

If you can't adhere to any / all of these rules, don't bother applying.

MP Info
The alliance is lead by myself (Miknel, Miknel 2.0, M Bison, Bravelittletoaster) and AliOoops (freespirit, Baozi). Other leaders can / will be named as the roster builds, but do not expect to come into this alliance with rights just because you've played one server and thought you were good at it. Founders rights will never be given out to anyone else. Respect is earned, not freely given. No alliance in Grep has gone as long as we have without losing a single city, extending across multiple servers - and it's because we genuinely believe in the team dynamic and that we all play to have each other's back, always. People screw up, applications fail, and mistakes are made - but at the end of the day we are here to play the game at the highest level and will give whatever we can to each other to ensure that our gains : losses ratio is as high as it can possibly be. We've been called elitists, and quite frankly we take that as a compliment. We play with integrity. We will not hesitate to report / kick our own members if it is found that out that they are cheating. There is no room in MP for botters, multi-accounters, teamviewerers, ghost mousers, and whatever new-age cheating methods are presently out there. If this all sounds too serious for you, that's fine. Our fun is found in being serious about it. We do have fun. We do banter. We do make in-game moves simply for the sake of the enjoyment of it. But at the end of the day everyone in MP is of the same mindset - and that's ultimately where we find the majority of our fun.

Those that have me and/or Ali on skype can simply message one of the two of us and request to be a part of this alliance. As I said, we do not know when Domination will hit EN (and if it will even have decent settings when it does hit). For the long time MP players, your application process will be pretty easy. Just say you're in. For those that are applying to be a part of MP, a more rigorous vetting process will take place. But we promise to give everyone that wishes to be a part of this alliance a fair chance to speak. Those that do not have either of us on skype can message us via the externals with their application. Posting an application on this thread will not do you any good, as it will just show you didn't read all of this. Attention to detail is important ;)
From there, we will request your skype information so that myself and / or Ali can message you when / if the time comes that this alliance on a hypothetical server becomes a reality. Also, to save you the trouble, no - we aren't going to add your third cousin on your mothers side because you guys played ping pong once and he seemed cool. Everyone applies on their own behalf, no one elses.

ZUES had returned
Adam the Ruthless
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is this gonna be a premade for leontini thats coming out on the 19th?


dont think so, the new world is domination with revolt, this is a premade for a conquest world with domination


oh ok, damn. do you know if there are any premades yet?