Mayhem Recruiting Players


Need active players to join the alliance mayhem its a new alliance but we are growing stronger.
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WOW this is going to be a pretty good alliance....spread out but still.....


haha just saw the thread (i dont play delta) but i played in an alliance on the beta servers with this "Mayhem" alliance name :p this was our Coat of Arms :p
not sure wat its actually for lol but mehh its cool looking :D

but yea definitely more info is needed :p keep it brief but go into leadership, ocean located, goal lol etc etc


Hi I'm looking for an alliance that actually talks to a person. I'm in Ocean 49, been playing for 8 days now. I'm on everyday, all day. Please message me if you'll allow me to join.

Paul the apostle

HEY!!! I WANT IN!!! Get me in there! I think as being recruiter of Omen that I do a better job then you did so why dont you just let me take over.

LOL :)