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I'm Milonius. I had to create this account so I can continue to communicate with Beta. This is all due to a rather stupid move on my part regarding passwords.

A while ago, I became paranoid that I was going to be hacked, so I changed almost all of my passwords to random numbers and letters. A foolproof plan, right? Wrong. The thing is, they're impossible to remember, so I had to rely on Firefox to remember my passwords. Well, recently, my old computer pretty much died. I can't get past the blue screen of death, so that means I can't get to my passwords.



since personal insults arnt allowed i guess ill keep quiet even though im used to getting infractions

ill still laugh at you however

forgot to mention create a gmail hotmail and yahoo and interlink them on not the same but similar passwords so u can always recover 1 through the other if u get "accessed" and detect a password change it will be sent to the other emails so u can quickly recover and change pass again without the fear of being cut off from ur own self.

hackers: dont waste time with such things a hacker will find a hole in a program then create a script that exploits that hole

phishing scammers: go for personal information which can be date of births social security numbers credit card numbers browser history windows registry containing passwords etc.

trojan downloaders: are for botting ur computer for remote access (like the days of dial up) botting ur computer for packet botnets (ddos attacks) most commonly found with packet/script kiddies (they think they hack) again hackers create programs for holes within programs

mail bombers: use a list of virtual accounts to flood a single email address to render it useless

spammers: uses forms of advertisement or fake emails to hopefully get you to give them freely ur own personal information

ever had a firewall detect a random ping? a ping pong event is determined to count the seconds between 1 address to another address persistant pings can annoy ur firewall forcing people to disable their firewall giving the person on the other side access to ur computer

there are many more forms and definitions but my memory is from the days of dialup and i cant be bothered to always remember

btw ur best friend is the dos command netstat so u can monitor live ur own self all activity happening within ur computer

ever thought about submiting a ticket requesting a password reset?
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