Top 12 MeI Sink and Swim + Bonus Interviews, Chapter One

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Sidon, Sink or Swim Chapter One + Bonus!

Well, well here we are in the world of en127. I promised myself that I wouldn’t be doing my sink and swim posts here, but this world is already getting super super sassy and exciting, I figured it might be a good idea to start my chapter series to keep everyone entertained throughout this new and exciting world.

For those of you who don’t know me, I will be covering 10 alliances. I will speak about their statistics, facts as well as my personal feelings towards them and theories. I will also feature 1 honorable mention, in some episodes here and there, as well as personal shoutouts. Further more, I will try and make you think about the world, provide you with some theories, and make sure you always question yourself about something in regard to the world itself to keep it fun and entertaining. Lastly, my episodes will likely be split into 2-3 different sections as I like to talk a lot.

As always, please don’t discredit me for my grammar, English isn’t my first language and all I want to do is keep you entertained as much as possible reader! Also, please don’t be hateful towards me if you disagree with my views. Instead, lets have a civil chat, tell me why you disagree and prove me wrong.

Stay safe during the pandemic and remember I love you all, even if we’re on the opposite sides.

Stay hydrated, drink your tea, coffee, brew, whatever it is you might be drinking and don’t pick your nose!

Aw and also, just for you guys; Sophie kindly agreed to do a post interview with me regarding this world, so keep an eye out, because this is likely to be split into 3 sections!

Part 1
  • Just For Laughs: Swim
Well well well, if its our lovely most hated group on the server from what I can gather alongside my group, Hugs. As we know there’s a lot of words and rumours going around about their number 1, which I’m not going to talk about as I tent to stay away from drama, and I love everyone equally besides a few individuals, who I just block. So lets look at the statistics and the facts: JFL is ahead and they’re number 1 when it comes offensive statistics and 3rd when it comes to defensive rankings. When it comes to this group, despite all the hatred towards them, I do quite like them, especially their aggression to take on multiple alliances at once under Charlies lead. I do believe this group is going to stick around for a very long time, possibly till the end of the server at this rate. They’ve proven themselves very strong opponents, taking on the coalition, which was formed against them, just like Hugs. Some people believe Hugs and JFL are “hugging” and well, I will let you, the reader decide what you make of this based on JFL and Hugs positioning…

Haters will hate, but yeah, I believe this group is really strong right now, taking out multiple alliances on at once, and giving Noots a run for their money specifically.

Shoutout to Sophie, thank you for agreeing to do the interview with me.

  • Hugs: Swim
Here we are, my loving group called Hugs, the group which isn’t coring, who is running away, is hugging and is also beating threatened by the fake Sophie in 55, telling us to get out of their oceans. There are a lot of chit chats going on as well as hate towards our group, not sure why to be perfectly honest but hey, the more hate the better! As it stands, Hugs is rank 2 when it comes to offensive rankings, successfully beating the coalition in 55, and giving Relentless a kick in the teeth as well as giving Reivers the similar treatment. Furthermore, there seems to be some heat between Hugs and Government as well, showing a few players trying to hit Slap, and Hugs snipping their effects. It’s no secret Slap is part of our little group, for obvious reasons, well perhaps not since some find it hard to find the link between us and them, and that mystery will remain to be solved. Gov’s attempts to hit Slap, have failed so far with excellent snipping skills from Hug players, especially Don

Like JFL, Hugs hasn’t lost a single city on the server, oh wait no we have, “To Nemesis” even though, it was a hand over to Chants, as statistics back this up, but once again I’m going to let you, the reader believe whichever story you prefer. Maybe Hugs are also cuddling with Chants? Once again, that is for you to decide readers! When it comes to defensive statistics, Hugs is currently 7th, which shows the coalition formed against them isn’t doing too well, just like to coalition against JFL.

Shoutout to our one and only ZipZap, them Government siege breaks were quite amazing!

  • Tidal Wave: Sink
Our lovely lovely Tidal Wave, was most definitely my favourite group on the server, keyword there being “was” sadly. If we look at the statistics, so far they’re out of the top 10 when it comes to offensive rankings. Furthermore, they’re also out of the top 10 when it comes to defensive rankings are well. The sink status comes from personal beliefs, but I do hope to be proven wrong. Not long ago, this lovely group was tiny, and underrated in ocean 44 causing trouble and taking out Roman Empire. I believe not long ago they we’re reviewing their options, and I personally believe they picked the worse one, which will cause chaos. I strongly believe the merge with Noots is most definitely, going to do more damage than good. We know Just For Laughs were gunning down Noots and the Noots leadership sadly, was unable to handle the pressure from the likes of Charlie and Mitch. This merge is going to cause conflict between Tidal Wave and JFL most certainly, and I believe they won’t be able to handle the pressure.

I do however, love the selective few in this group, and their leadership is fantastic when it comes to communication and coordinating attacks successfully. I hope remain strong and prove me wrong, but like I said I believe their new additions to the family will do more harm then good.

Shout out to Topps, Myplace and Miso wish you guys all the best, stay strong.

  • Raptor Pack: Float/Sink
A rather new fact that’s jumped into the mix, which is why we won’t been looking at any statistics when it comes to this group. Too cut the story short, this group is Nemesis but consists of all their best players, combined from all 4 alliances that were with us not long ago. Due to the fact this is a new group, it makes sense their future in uncertain hence why the status is split. However, I do lean towards sink for one reason, that reason is Frank. Nemesis breaking up does Frank a huge favor, and I believe ocean 45 belongs to Frank. Raptor Pact does have some amazing players however, TheLastKnight comes to mind specifically. However, Knight seems to be uncertain when we link back to en127 and seems rather lost, moving from Government to Nemesis and now to Raptor Pack, looks like he’s still finding his feet. Again, things like that benefit their competitive party in ocean 45.

Evil MeIinoe

Part 2
  • Government: Huge Sink.
The lovable Government, and oh boy, as much as I hate to say this, the most disloyal group I’ve seen in a little while, which is their first undoing and why I strongly believe they will sink. That combined with their split between 45/55 can only mean one thing: disaster. I strongly believe being so split between two oceans early one, does no alliance any good on any server, especially when they’re experiencing loyalty issues, as well as lack of experience. From personal experience and what we’ve seen, their sieges have been lazy until yesterday, when they went after a pigeon city. The siege failed, but the times were fantastic, which is the one silver lining they have going for them. If they’re able to sort out their loyalty issues and keep up good timings then there is a glimmer of hope. With that being said, once a player is disloyal, I don’t think they can be trusted. We can also see there has been some tension between Hugs and Government, with Hugs snipping their cs’s taking advantage of their greed or perhaps, lack of experience. I’m sure you can figure out the snipping star in Hugs, who has been giving Government a painful time.

When it comes to ranking statistics, they’re 1st when it comes to defensive ranks, and 3rd when it comes to offensive rankings. Which confirms that maybe being split in 2 oceans isn’t a good idea. We can confirm there is a war between them and Pigeons, trust me when I say it. Moreover, it’s impressive that they’re remaining a nice offensive rank while defending effectively. Statistics can also confirm this, as they have lost a couple of cities to Pigeons recently.

Shoutout to Bloody Avenger, I have a lot of respect for this player, and I believe you deserve a lot better than a disloyal group. Consider what I said earlier and make the right decision in the near future.

  • Frank: Big Swim.
Aw we visit, officially my favorite group of the server, besides Hugs of course. Good old Frank, doing really well in their home of 45, prioritizing temple control while seeing Nemesis fall apart. It’s no secret Frank is partly the reason why Nemesis has been falling apart, as they stepped up their game recently taking multiple cities from them, as well as hitting Anonymous at the same time. Their positioning as I mentioned, is excellent and their offensive rank is slowing getting into shape, currently sitting in 6th place and rising as we speak. I know a handful of their players from past worlds and let me tell you, this group is here to stay. With their experienced leadership, I believe ocean 45 will be under their spell in no time, and they will look to expand elsewhere, most likely around temple areas as they have been doing in 45. If we look at their defensive rankings, they’re 7th which means Nemesis might have put up a little fight, most likely trying to backsnipe their cs’s and failing because Frank hasn’t lost a single city on the server.

Shoutout to Trist, our lovely leader in en126, as well as Valkyrie, we had some lovely time laughing at the hate messages Hugs has received not long ago. :p

  • Fluffy Pigeons: Float
Now we’re visiting the pigeons’ nest. A group which is being led by the one and only, Wlod who needs to release that Eevee is the superior pokemon. When I personally look at pigeons, I see a team which is in a rather awkward spot. When it comes to temple control, they’re most definitely in the Hugs shadow, with barely any cities forming around any temples. They’re showing some progress towards the Elis temple in 55, which could cause some disagreements with Hugs as they control majority of the temple areas in the ocean. Outside of that however, they are doing pretty well when it comes to fighting Government sniping one of their better sieges earlier yesterday after my personal snipe didn’t go too well. Fluffy Pigeons did take a city from Government so you could say they’re 1-0 up as it stands, considering we know they’re at war. I believe this group will stick around for a while, perhaps they’re on the float/swim status, it’s up to them and their decision making. Their biggest undoing could be desperation for temple control in 55, and we know which alliance is focusing on that as I type this.

  • The Watchers: Float/Swim?
Now we visit the Watchers of the Nights Watch, a group that I know very little about, hence why the uncertain status. A group which I was about to give a sink since I was convinced, they were in 45 for some reason, please send help and repair my brain. As far as I can tell, you also taken part in helping JFL siege breaks a little while back. Not knowing a lot about this group is kind of exciting yet worrying because I cannot provide you with much information. I will say this however, I believe there’s a little bond between them and Creed, possibly even JFL’s, at least for now. I don’t know why, but my gut tells me, this crew may get a treatment of getting hit by Creed and JFL eventually, however definitely not for now. I think there are bigger plans for 44, which I will discuss when we get to the Creed part of things. Statistic wise, 4th when it comes to offense, and 8th when it comes to defence, which outlines that there is no war between them and JFL. They only lost once city and that’s to Frank, which was a hand over.
  • Masters of Chant: Sink
Aw the Chants, another crew which is also operating in 45, hence why the status is rather negative, and I’m sure you guys know why that is. 45, the home of Frank, who I stand by strongly. I honestly don’t see Chants dominating in 45, even if Frank wasn’t there, Raptors would be more favorable in my opinion. Sorry if it sounds like I’m having a dig, and please don’t hate me for it, prove me wrong! As it stands, Chants haven’t got a war going on with Frank that’s quite clear, since their defensive ranking points have been pretty underwhelming during the last couple of days. They also took part in siege breaking for JFL as far as I’m aware which is interesting to see to say the least. As it stands now, the longer Frank doesn’t hit them the better it is for the Chants, as time is precious. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Chants stick for a while, because Frank is playing for temples more than anything. Ideally, Chants may lose their cities that surround any temples in 45, but then they may get left alone. However, I don’t think Chants will be as low as that, and they will put up at least a decent fight if Frank hits them, perhaps they might get some assistance from the Raptors and maybe they will team up on Frank? Or maybe I’m completely messing with your mind reader! Masters are 4th when it comes to their offensive rankings, and 9th when it comes to their defensive rankings, which shows they can put out some work, and they may be hard to take down. 45 is definitely the most exciting oceans, they come across as the under dogs for me, a wild card, or perhaps they’re the dark horses. The more I write this, the more I want to change their status, I just can’t do it, knowing how good Frank is, but prove me wrong!

  • Creed: Swim
Aw the sneaky little Creed, a group which has also received a tiny bit of hatred on the externals for helping with certain sieges. Let me tell you, something you might not know, I like this little group. Seems like I might get some hate after posting this, but I honestly like how JFL’s is doing so far, and I do get on with LaSophie. The reason why this is mentioned is because, Creed is the tiny little group in the background, who all of the sudden decided to help JFL with siege breaks, and from my prospective it’s a smart decision on their behalf. Is there a bond between them and JFL? I believe so, not a bond maybe, but a siege agreement for sure to help one another and to help control 54 for JFL, and possibly 44 for Creed. Some may say its out of fear, which could be true to some extent but even if it is, it’s still beneficial for them as it buys them time if things were to escalate in the future against JFL. Creed is 3rd when it comes to defensive rankings, and 7th when it comes to offensive rankings. They have been picking up a lot of defensive points but recently it has slowed down, with no city loses besides a hand over to Chants. Creed will stick with us for a while at least, good leadership and decision making from them so far. Creed is largely in 44 of course, which also shows Tidal Wave hasn’t hit them yet at least. I’m sure the recent Tidal Wave events will have an impact soon enough, and my money would be on Creed to come out on top as long as JFL chips in, which I believe they will since ex Noots members will most likely be hunger and shape things up inside of Tidal Wave. JFL is slowly growing in 44, and this little duo ship will most likely last a while, possibly leading to a huge war as mentioned before since Tidal Wave had no interest of working with JFL.

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Interview featuring LaSophie part 3

Here is the post interview with LaSophie, who kindly agreed to answer some questions in regards to this world, enjoy the read!

This question has been asked before, but as it stands now, with a lot of changes which alliances have impressed you the most and why?

I think Fluffy Pigeons went under the radar until recently, I had high expectations of FRANK but it seems they are lagging behind a little, so I'm not sure what's going on over in that corner of the world. It seems like the NEMESIS mega-empire is slowly collapsing, with now new re-branded alliances of Raptor pack and velociraptors taking their place. Just a matter of time until they all fold. If hugs can maintain their intensity and not run into a good alliance they should also do well, too.

Spicing things up towards the hatred side of things, the first questions I'm sure many would like you to answer is, what is your personal opinion on the hatred towards you guys at Just For Laughs?

It's usually a sign that you're doing good work when everyone begins to hate you -- he constantly attacks people around us, and so because of the frequency of attacks we are all thrown into the same boat and hated equally. It's not anyone's business to say whether it is right or wrong spending money in a game, but it clearly means Charlie can afford it and on top of the fact he is a good player, it boosts him in servers like these.

We were accused of cheating and betting earlier by a whole alliance, and, with screenshot proof, were accused of 'spamming' a player, when we have sent out one attack. Just one. People claim everything is spam now, which is why this game is slowly getting ruined. Honestly deep down, I'm not sure why people hate us so much, I think they need to form their own opinions rather than to listen to others. I definitely learnt this as I was quite verbal at Disliking Charlie before my JFL ways :p

Following up on the previous question, why do you think Hugs is getting a lot of tension from others as well, and do what do you think about their approach when it comes to this world and the settings?

Honestly, we were talking about Hugs the other day in our discord, and we don't know a whole load about the alliance or the players that are part of that alliance. Our assumption is that the team is still a roster-heavy one and none of us really play revolt to know any names from those kinds of worlds. Their positioning in Ocean 55 means they can expand in any direction they want, but expansion into O54 will likely mean conflict with JFL, which I'm not sure they want this early on yet.

They have started the world strong and as long as they find food to grow, they'll be around for a while

Moving away from the hatred, and into another field that concerns cuddling. Why do you think so many alliances are cuddling and why doesn't this approach work against the likes of: Just For Laughs, and Hugs?

I think I've once said that this is the biggest hug I've ever seen in all the years I played this game. From the third day of the server, there was already a coalition formed against us consisting of over 350 players.

Usually people mass-pact to respond to a mutual threat, that being JFL and Hugs, but it rarely ever works this early in the game because no alliance has been tested. Alliances that mass-pact this early on are also the ones that mass-recruit with no real requirements, and this is risky because you are left with a mish-mash roster, you have no idea who is reliable and who isn't. When you don't know your players, your numbers advantage is irrelevant.

These mass-pacts don't work because the teams they are coming up against are good and experienced -- the players know how to work together and close-cooperation will beat any mass-MRA (Just refer to the JFL war v Retribution and her allies). Alas, MRAs have always existed and they will continue to exist, that's just the way of the world.

What's your opinion on Tidal Wave and their approach of merging with Noots?

Tidal Wave were a strong group before this merge, but I fear this recent merge will disrupt them as an alliance. Here's some inside information for you: one of the players on that team was part of Noots and, due to some non-specific talks, spent an entire day telling everyone he is joining JFL. Some screenshots surfaced that he only wanted to join us because he was afraid Creed are OPing him :)

I can't tell you exactly what I think of this, but if you wait a couple of days, you will probably figure out what's going on :)

Do you have anything extra to add, or any shout-outs to certain individuals/alliances?

Yes -- I would like to give a big shoutout to GSatina, who is responsible for two major Leadership fails in two consecutive worlds. World Chat Warriors in En124, and Send Noots in 127. Shame on him.

Bonus question, why is Octavia the best actress in The 100, and why do you think Skairipa rules? ;)

Skairipa is nothing more than an up-jumped Leksa and we both know it o_O

As always, I hope everyone enjoyed the read. As mentioned before, please don’t hate on the grammar as English isn’t my first language. Also, if you disagree with anything lets have a civil chat below, rather than an argument.

Thank you for taking your time in reading the long 3 sections.

Stay safe, and remember I love you all.

MeI signing out.

Evil MeIinoe

I think there is a factual error in Pigeons Vs Government war. Otherwise excellent write up!
Thank you very much, appreciate the kind words! Thank you for pointing it out, I think my grepo tracker wasn't updated. Pigeons indeed, taken more cities from Gov than I listed.
Currently, its 9-0 to Pigeons as Wlod pointed it out, thank you!:)

Evil MeIinoe

Good read, worth the wait. +rep

*insert that turtle gif*
Thank you very much! glad you enjoyed the read :D


So Soph refers to Leo saying he would join JFL as a "big screenshoted secret" when in reality it really wasnt a secret lol.

Leo came forward, said he heard he would get op-ed and told us he was considering his options, one of which was joining JFL. He spent the most time thinking of that one.

But I guess screenshots are JFLs next big thing now lol.

Also, I love this part :

" I think they need to form their own opinions rather than to listen to others. I definitely learnt this as I was quite verbal at Disliking Charlie before my JFL ways "

She didnt change opinions of Charlie, she became more like him, changed her opinion of what is right and what is wrong. I guess she just realized after 8 years of wining nothing she is gonna have to as she said "use every trick in the book to win" (if you dont think she said this I have her favorite evidence, screenshots).


Give it a rest Pete. You displayed your leadership qualities and Noots on 127 is proof. You’re not fooling anyone


Give it a rest Pete. You displayed your leadership qualities and Noots on 127 is proof. You’re not fooling anyone

If you didnt lie, provoke and say something new yet truly amazingly stupid every single day, I probably would.
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A good read, thanks for making.

I think it can be hard to make judgements on alliances from the outside, but think you have done a good job.

I would addfrom personal experience that our interactions with Creed have been embarrassing. Terrible failing CS attempts , they have been losing players due to “apparent” poor organisation and support, andto me seem like sitting ducks waiting to be eaten.
FRANK seem to be the toast of the town, and they may be the best team, but excessive gold spending and using spies to gain an upper hand just taint the pot for me. If you are that brilliant, don’t look to get weasels to feed intel to you and buy your way to victory