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Stories of Pseira

Good evening everyone,

I hope you're all doing well, and are staying safe as well as healthy during the dreadful times we're all going through at the moment.
I feel like the forums haven't been too exciting lately, so I thought I'd create a fresh new thread, taking you on a long MeI journey to spice things up a little bit, and to keep you all entertained.

This thread will primarily focus on me, my personal views on certain things as well as some much needed screenshots to round up this little newspaper, and the lovely journey of Pseria.

Some of you may know a lot of information in this little newspaper, as I do keep in touch with a few people outside of Stooges, on regular bases. With that being said, I'm sure there will be things here, you didn't know about so stick around and enjoy reading through this little document. I hope it doesn't bore you to death.

Going ahead into this read, I must warn you the information overload is going to be outrageous, which is why I decided to use a new format, and I separated my journey into separate stories. Each story will have a title, and below there will be a spoiler containing the full story inside it. Pick and choose which story you want to dig into, but I do hope you enjoy them all as I put a lot of effect into this document. If however, you don't like reading too much, skip to a story you're interested in and give me a thumbs up if you enjoyed any of them. I am unsure about this format, so any feedback and love will be very helpful as this will help me decided if I would use this format in the future; lets say in future world.

I will be stepping out of my comfort zone a little bit, as I haven't done this sort of format before and some of the information included, could come across as sassy to some. Keep in mind that even though it may be a little sassy I still love you all.
Sorry, we'll get to that bit a little bit later on, so stick around!

Let the exciting journey begin!

Starting Background:
Let me take you back a little while back, when I decided to drop into the wonderful Pseria solo. As I was dropping into Pseria, I had no idea who was here believe it or not and at the very start, I dropped into 45 to lurk around, and to be nosey scrolling through the rankings, looking at the alliances of Pseria as well as the players. I was presently surprised to see my oldest friend from Nagidos, Move and a lot of familiar faces forming a solid group over in ocean 54, and so I decided to reset and relocate into ocean 54 myself to be in the same ocean as him, and many other Check Mate faces that I knew. Since I dropped in late, Move was kind enough to put me under protection some may say, as not a single Check Mate player hit me (except Timothy who attacked me once since we had some history from the past but we sorted it out!) From there I decided to actually give this world a good shot, and I started committing to it, as I reached out to one of the kind souls Ame, who took me in, and kindly invited me to play with Voodoo (La Cucaracha.) Sadly, Ame decided to leave the world eventually which was a real shame, as I would of loved to take her with me to Stooges!
The good Voodoo, outline (La Cucaracha Vault I):
As I mentioned before, Ame was kind enough to take me in and introduce me to this once known, wonderful group and I quickly started to form a great bond with the players. On that note, I also got a unexpected promotion, where I become the diplomat of Voodoo, which I was happy to do, as I wanted the group to succeed and perhaps take a little pressure of Bernardo as he was dealing with everything at the time. Cutting a story a little short, I eventually because friends with Paladin (once known leader of United Cities.) During that development, we formed a strong bond, and under my lead, I designed an operation to focus down The Titans (An old group which was led by Finder of Goose, who sadly isn't with us anymore on Pseria.) Anyhow, the operation turned out to be very successful. Believe it or not, I, your local turtle use to play very aggressively, matching Paladins and Ices offense very long time ago! As our bond grew stronger, we continued to pressure The Titans, shifting further east, away from Check Mate forming a core, while they were busy putting a hammer down on the struggling Lykos who were getting slaughtered, back at the beginning(ish) of the server.

Caught in Multiple Minds:
As I was growing and getting stronger, I grown to have a little soft spot for Nemesis, as I really liked the name. Also, I noticed Van Helsing and Mouceen we're there, both players who I admired for different reasons. I was doing okay in my opinion. However, Check Mate were so so far ahead in points, and rankings I knew I wouldn't be able to keep up at their pace. Playing aggressively, wasn't suiting my play style too much and I slowly started going back to my old, turtle ways, turtling up my cities, preparing to see my friends in Voodoo get hit by Check Mate. However, we managed to stay under the radar as Beach Party, started getting hit heavily. Check Mate quickly stepped in and also decided hitting the south west waters, squeezing them out and gaining control in the "+" zone. While all this was happening, while all this was happening a part of me took over and I decided to reach out to Nemesis finally, however in the end the talks sort of broke down, and I ended up staying in ocean 54 with Voodoo.

The Story of Puppy Cuddle:
As we're fast forwarding a little, the Beach Party had sadly fallen, and a lot of amazing players left the server, as Nemesis, Kleos and Check Mate squeezed them hard. Troubles quickly came to ocean 55 as well, and all they Papa drama began to unfold, splitting the group and the Spirits started to perish. At the time, I had no idea what was going on and I decided to personally reach out to Puppy Cuddle, offering him a slot in Voodoo after we exchanged a number of messages in game. However, Puppy decided to combat my offer, with his own offer and that was to join Stooges, and relocate once again to ocean 55. As I was considering my options, Puppy also made it more favorable by offering me a "group shift deal" which meant, I could sail down with a few trustworthy friends, down into 55. As Stooges started to form, I noticed Trist was there, and he was their leader. And I must say, I was not a fan at first as he use to completely ignore me before the whole chat I had with Puppy. (Trist the moody, and selective midget!) I had to mention it to Puppy, he kindly told me not to worry about that, so I had the green light to move to Stooges, and shift all the way down to the south waters. After sleeping on it, I decided to reach out to Gustycat, Paladin and Winman, offering them the shift to 55 as I trusted those guys the most. Gusty decided to commit and put his trust in me, so I made the decision to reach out to Bernardo and tell him I will be moving into 55, taking Gusty with me.

As my colony ships started sailing down to Puppy's and Don's cities, I started handing over my cities in 54 myself, out of respect for the group and for Bernardo himself, who was most definitely, a wonderful leader. Back then that is. I also reached out to Ice, who I liked a lot and still do, saying my goodbye as well as doing the same to Paladin and to Winman who decided to stay. Most of the group gave me a great farewell, and I even got called a "beast" when I played hyper aggressive which was amazing to hear! We finally reached the end of the good Voodoo story, and I fully shifted to 55, playing under Puppies protection who kept handing me cities to be able to catch up as fast as possible as we formed a great bond between one another. Cities were also handed over to Gusty who also fully committed to join the Stooges family.
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The Story of Trist:
Feisty Midget.

Story of Stooges:
Here we are, once again starting fresh in a new location, ocean 55 representing Stooges, one of the most hated groups on there server according to a wonderful individual, Papa. As Spirits started to collapse due to disagreements, a lot of the members split, forming the group (Stooges). This is how our story began, forming Stooges from ex Spirit members and 2 additions from 54, myself and Gustycat. Also, further down the line, our group took on some lovelies from Animal Farm, fast forwarding. However, continuing with our early days, when Stooges was formed it was most definitely hated by Papa, and a few others. A whole newspaper was created on how bad and evil our Trist3 is. May I just say, Trist clearly isn't that bad as Stooges is still here with you all. Anyway, a lot of words were exchanged, and our number one fan kindly told us about his bot usage inside Grepolis getting him banned and rightly so. As Check Mate has a separate page, I will only touch up on one thing here; they did show us mercy, allowing us to grow and split spirit cities between us, giving them a firm foot hold in 55, and considering what's happened recently, I'm glad to have them here with us. As Stooges and Check Mate agree not to hit one another, we stabilize, going into war with Animal Farm hitting them from both North and South. Stooges hitting them from them from the Stooges and Check Mate hitting them from the Norther boarder, while animal farm had split troubles of their own. As the successful operation is carried out, some great players merge into us, and the super star Oubay is now one of our own, alongside my drink partner LuckyDream, and of course, Icas the joyful. Once this happened, we reach the story of Check, which will be discussed below.

In Memory of Check Mate & Story of TheLastCrusader:
This story is purely dedicated to one of scariest groups back in their prime. Check Mate, a group which I had so many mix feelings about, but in the end a group full of amazing individuals, friends and family who will always have a special place in my heart, despite everything that happened. This section is for you, and a part of me will fight for yous till the end whether I sink or swim. Taking a look at Check Mate, we can all agree that this group was the dominate force in the early days, whether we liked them or not. The group which was led by Move, one of my best Grepolis friends, was highly aggressive as well as diplomatically, well organised. Our chess players, did not lose a single city until the coalition was formed. They hammered destruction on Reds back in the days, and kicked out Lykos in the early days off the server. Their diplomatic and smart decisions, allowed them to step foot in every ocean, as Spirits and Beach Party fell earlier on. Some may say they only attacked alliances when they were hit by others already, however even before the boost, they were far ahead in the offensive rankings, and they caused the most damage in the Beach Party war, as well as the Spirits war.

However, sadly one decision, caused Check Mate to have the whole server collapse on them, which included myself and Stooges at first (sadly). I personally took it to heart, and as I mentioned before, I did lose some respect towards Move when I saw the boosting happen, and at the time I was excited to see others with the same opinion, ready to hit Check Mate. I believe everyone makes mistakes in life, and this was Checks mistake, the boost cost them a potential crown. As things began to unfold Check Mate started to get swarmed with attacks from all angles. This highly included us and our super star, Oubay who led the offensive operation against Check Mate, bringing the fight to them, gaining a large amount of cities as Check was too split to defend all their cities. Beforehand however, we did receive a word that the coalition would turn on us, however, sadly the hatred clouded peoples judgement, sadly I was one of those individuals and I did not take anything on board in regards to that matter. The theory provided quickly became reality, after "Holy War" was put on hold due to Check Mate players hitting the vocation mode button. In that time period, Stooges started to lose their fleet, things didn't add up and well, the theory became reality quickly, as our fleet started sinking to one of the big names sinking it on purpose, forcing us to leave the coalition as no one backed us up on the matter.

Tides quickly shifted, we set our differences aside with Check Mate and decided to fight as one, against the many, as the Check Mate gates were being flooded with offensive attacks, from 54, 45 and 44. As we stood united, my defensive rankings sky rocketed, and it truly opened my eyes, seeing that the coalition is strong, but at the same time this sort of treatment, I wouldn't wish on anybody, especially over 1 mistake.

As soon as TheLastCrusader returned from vocation mode, 150+ attacks where heading his way, a highly aggressive operation was formed against him, every single Check Mate player had a huge number of attacks heading their way in the "Holy War vault 2 without Stooges." The communication proved to be amazing from the coalition I cannot deny that. However it was fused with greed, as the coalition knew Check Mate wouldn't be able to handle the heat no matter how skilled the players were, the numbers always came through. As TheLastCrusader sinks the first colony ship another one heads his way, with rather underwhelming escort timings. As the greed continues, 3 more colony ships head towards the city, not just 1 but 3, just in case the first 2 fail, which in a way is quite understandable, but then again as much as I use to dislike TheLastCrusader, I finally admit that he is correct. No matter how good you are, the numbers will always win, as he loses the city after the 8th attempt. The story repeats for many of the others, as my troops get shredded, trying defend Check Mate as much as possible, as I alone, end up sinking 10+ colony ships alone, in just 1-2 days. However, sadly for Check Mate, the dark night never ends as the cities are getting absolutely swarmed with attacks, finally giving the coalition what they wanted, a win against Check Mate. I'd like to give you guys a one last send off with this story. Personally, after all the abuse you got, the horrible messages, and the treatment you received, I'd like to apologies on my part for being part of the coalition that was formed against you in round 1. Farewell, and we'll see each other again!
No disrespect to the coalition of course, well done on achieving your goal! I know this is highly controversial, but I believe this group deserves a proper send off, this is my version of it.
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Bernardo Recruitment/Stooges Betrayal II:

As the hatred towards Check Mate began and the coalition was formed, La Cucaracha took part in the coalition against Check Mate themselves, chipping in and doing their part. However, in that time it was bought up to my attention that Bernardo, took it upon himself suggestion, Check Mate players merge into them, possibly raising a few eyebrows, even though Check Mate rejected the offer and sided with Stooges. Sneaky, but at the same time not a bad tactic, putting his own alliance before the coalition. Luckily for La Cucaracha, this information didn't really bother the coalition, or it did, but nothing was done about it. As we touch up on actions we take a look back (sending us back a week), a similar mindset was used towards Stooges. While the betrayal began to unfold, nothing was done about it, giving Stooges no choice but to leave the coalition as everyone sided with Nemesis, despite Stooges doing the most damage during the Holy War Part 1.

La Cucaracha & Reborn of Bernardo, Vault III:

As the stories unravel, we hit the present day, as we begin to see the new and improved La Cucaracha. Sadly, when I say improved I don't mean for the better. As the gates of Skudi get breached from all angles, I, Evil MeIinoe decide to flip for Skudi, showing presence in ocean 54 once again as we do our absolute best to defend our family, Check Mate. As I flip for Skudi, La Cucaracha's leader Bernardo the Great decides to declare war on Stooges for, well no real reason, as it doesn't bring any form of value to the team, as he holds a grudge against me for some reason over one city. I take it up on myself to contact him directly, offering him a city trade, thinking the old Bernardo is still in there somewhere. Lets just say, I was wrong, very wrong. As the story of Stooges and La Cucaracha begins to build, Bernardo takes it upon himself to send a full value spam to every single city I owe on the server no matter the distance, reaching the total of 45 instant attacks, as he rejects my offer of a trade.

As the spam began, I reached out to Bernardo, trying to explain to him that this sort of behavior is against the rules because every attack sent was a spam of ten light ships/eight harpies. Fast forwarding a little, he did eventually stop which was nice to see, but sadly our story doesn't end there in regards to spam. Another player emerges from the ground, following Bernardo's early behavior sending daily spam attacks, at a lesser annoy pace which I guess, is a bonus hence why I hesitate using the report button as I want everyone to get on, even if we're enemies.

Story of 9,000 lightships & Pika Boo:

As the hatred towards Stooges grows from La Cuca, a highly intense operation begins, shifting towards our one and only, TheLastCrusader. As his cities being to be breached once again, but this time from La Cuca. As the successful revolts land, I Evil MeIinoe, flip once again for Skudi in that time, while pilling up my defensive ships in Crusaders harbor. As the aggression increases, highly defensive operation designed by me is carried out to ensure the city isn't lost. To cut the story short, Stooges and Check Mate have a little silver lining, we sink 9,000 light ships, and 1,800 triremes, leaving La Cuca's fleet sinking at our gates as they take a couple of days to rebuild, while the coalition hits from the West, holding La Cuca's hand.

Fast forwarding a couple days, La Cucaracha finally decides to go after my city in their core, as Ice takes charge demolishing my gates with very impressive timings, props to you Ice, great hits, and I'm glad you took the city as you deserved it, La Cuca also takes Gusty's city as well, well done on that front.

The Vault Screenshots:
Check Mate Recruiting/Stooges, Skudi Flip/War:

Bernardo Recruiting.PNG
No Terms.PNG
Bernardo Aggressive Spam:
Rappahannock, Smaller Doses:
Rappa Spam 1.PNG
Rappa Spam 2.PNG

We're all up to date now, and the stories are postponed until more appear in this small time period of the domination drop.

I hope you all enjoyed the read, please excuse any spelling mistakes and bad grammar, this took a long time to type up but I did it for you all, to be entertained. Give me your thoughts on the story or leave a like if you enjoyed it. Just gives me an idea if this is good or not and if I should step out of my comfort zone in the future worlds.

Also, please don't slay me for the Check Mate story, as mentioned this is just my opinion, if you disagree tell me, in a calm manner.

Thank you for reading this, and I hope you enjoyed.

MeI, signing out.


Imagine worrying about @Evil MeIinoe having a city in your core..



Imagine worrying about @Evil MeIinoe having a city in your core..

Filip be nice please Mel is a sweetheart she don't deserve this (light) slander : pepesad:

Shoutout to Mel for actually posting so goddamn often that she almost single-handedly breathed life into this forum several times.

TBH an outstanding community member, we could use more like her in this game lol
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Evil MeIinoe

Filip be nice please Mel is a sweetheart she don't deserve this (light) slander :pepesad:

Shoutout to Mel for actually posting so goddamn often that she almost single-handedly breathed life into this forum several times.

TBH an outstanding community member, we could use more like her in this game lol

Thank you Jimothy for the kind words really appreciate it! :)