Memories come back in my darkest hours


Listen to this song while reading:

My precious memories that are sad, and this game experience was rather a sad one but happy in the beginnings and happy at the height of the United City-States (ranked 43 at its height).

Remember your first precious memories of Grepolis? I remember back when Arella 2.0 was around. I remember back when Goldfish75 was around. I remember back when the first day the United City-States started on my first day of Grepolis. Remember The Barbarians and how nice, honorable, but determined Bracknar was? Remember when there was S.P.Q.R? Remember when the game was fun and not stressing? Remember when you were first attacked with 35 incoming attacks? Remember when you were first almost conquered? Remember when you had your first downfall on your first city and you didn't make any mistakes? Remember when chaos flooded the ocean, and they thought conquering everyone would end chaos but "Those who do violence will find it upon themselves." Remember when those 300 Spartans fought and died against the large horde? Remember when there was honor? Remember when men were men? Remember the day before... remember when you were cleaned... remember the time you remembered sad, precious memories. Mad World.