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Hasan Naqvi

Proposal:To allow players to select the menu bar they want

Reason: With the recent update, we have got a new menu bar. However, most of us don't like. I would like the developers to make it optional to have the new menu bar at all.

Details: There should an option in the setting "enable new menu bar". This would allow players to select the layout they want.

Visual Aids: None

Balance/Abuse Prevention: Can see how it can be abused.


Not necessary, if you play 1 week with this bar, you get used to it.


getting used to it not the same as liking it. new messages and forum posts are significantly more difficult to notice


That's why I made an idea on the forum. :D

Could you give more reasons why you don't like the new bar?
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I agree with the suggestion. The main issue is most players use a widescreen monitor, the new bar takes up more valuable vertical space, the old bar was less intrusive as it took up less valuable horizontal space on the screen. Allowing us to move the bar back on the side will provide us with more useful gaming area.
The other issue is i can't find an option to open the main city screen on the new menu. I now have to go to the city and double click on it. Can you replace this option please.