MERGE the severs

Seriko Lee

Some of us are looking forward to playing long-term so a merge is not a good idea.
Unless the dom and other events become annual events.

Seriko Lee

What you said makes no sense
Achilles is open and I have been playing there cause it's one out of three long-term servers where I can expand and fight other players without the world ending.

Any old player knows that Gen 1 worlds are long-term gameplay-wise.
What I stated is like a festival that the Redzone a game made by EA and the video actman made talks about annual events.
So a little something for everyone.

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Percy V

I mean non ending game modes are meaningless in my opinion . But dom can't be an annual event it's the endgame condition. And merging servers does not mean achilles will disappear. Future worlds will not be .en .us .whatever it will be only .en


Been thinking this myself... The only thing that would really matter to them is profit. So for all we know is a merge could somehow damage their profits or something.
You'd have to make it so awards, greposcore, gold, crowns, swords, olympus banner, bonuses, etc all transferred over. Otherwise players would just take that as their cue to check out for good.

But yes, Inno should totally be looking to merge servers. At least getting worlds back to the size that they used to be in Byblos and Lato would be great. Right now even EN now looks like how the US server did in 2016.

Seriko Lee

Great point everyone, this reminds me of red dead redemption 2 online content where everyone gets crumps on the table.