Merry Christmas and a Happy new year!!!!!


where is all the noise in delta people? now i know that this world is getting close to its end..... but lets not all give up on each other yet!

i hope every one had a great christmas! and that santa was good to you all!!!! and well i hope ever one has an even better new years and get up to all sorts of fun trouble!

now lets take a look at the year thats ending.... its had its ps and downs no matter what side your one
i couldnt help but notice that badnight is no longer with us.... that will take alot of fun out of the world.

here are some conquer stats for the wars so far (note these do not state who is winning just who has conquered more... inactives and isolated people are in this as well)

harbs 351
DoA 348

a close battle here

Honey badgers 105
DoA 4

WOW they pack a punch those badgers glad they are on my side....

harbs 51
SG 93

cant win em all!

harbs 2
perg 59

ouch! but lets be honest poor imp was out on his own there but he knew it was coming so no excuses

harbs 4
Theseus Disciples 14

well done you guys are coming along well! might have to try turn that stat round a bit in the new year!

well i think i have the main wars here! now i know some one will argue these stats so ill say it now, i used the grepintel total conquer tool.... if the city was under that alliances name at the time it has included it.

come on people lets make the most of this world that has been the most fun world i have ever played in!!! it wont lat much longer


i love you catman hb are in semi retirment due to boredom..........our losses were from inperica and i gave a city to was a hun thing....we are going to sit back and see can doa ever take one of our citys and just enjoy the def paul really the guys a machine:)


hahahahaha i miss you john! so much so soon i will put the catman pic back up for you!
dont retire on me!!!! kill kill kill


must be time to come back & play & stop simming . Nice too have a VM after 3 years !! .
you finished that world wonder yet ?


jack jack jack you know how i feel about wonders! we are saving them till you return! :p
hope you had a good break