Pnp Merry Christmas Greo

Harry Slother


From all of REPO/DEBT aka Hangten61 Team we would like to wish all your players a very happy Christmas and a happy New Year.

We Would like to say sorry if you see any of our players messing about over this festive time all i can say is last year some of our players did not show our alliance in the best respect.

One of our players took a prank to far and made alot of children unhappy.

One of our players did not understand what was a good surprise gift.

A few of our players had a bit to much to drink.

Some of the girls have gone a bit mental.

One went screw lose crazy.

Most the girls get in more trouble then the blokes.

We even had one Grinch who tried to hide and steal all the gifts.

Happy Holidays

Also anybody not in this world would like to also wish Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
None of the above it meant to offend anybody so sorry now if it is not in your taste :)


Merry Christmas Everyone !!!

We can't follow such a great post as Harry's, so we won't even try. But I'd like to thank him on behalf of us all for giving us some great ideas how to have fun this season, and say that if any of us fail to return after the Christmas truce, it's probably because we are languishing in a cell somewhere having acted upon them :D

The Vanguard
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