Michael Philippides RIP


Michael Philippides passed away over the weekend, Eviction Notice and Unity offer our respect to a great player.. Out of respect we have renamed our alliances "Yes I am Greek" for a short period

I would really appreciate if you pass my deepest condolences
for your loss to your brothers.

Michalis was a very respected photographer here at Cyprus
and as it seems a very respected grepo-warrior as well.
At the end of the day its the role you play;
your personality remains the same.

This above post says it all.. he was a loud and outspoken personality ... but as far as skill went he was one of the best I have played with

Aged 41 Heart Attack.. and no it wasn't because LOL were attacking him

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RIP Michael - I will remember your passion and dedication, and also your sense of humour. Condolences to all family and friends. It is such a shock, and I know everyone is still reeling from the news :(


Michael was a great player and team-mate who will live long in our Hearts. Condolences to your family. RIP Michael we'll miss you :(


May you Rest In Peace Micheal, I will always remember you as a good player with a great personality who even once saved me from getting rimmed. Condelences to all Micheal's family and friends.


Sad day for EN/U to loose such a great player and team mate!

Sadder day for those that new him in real life, and my condolences go out to all those connected and grieving for him :'(


my prayers are with your family as this is just a game and we all must realize that in the end :(... RIP MichaelPhilippides


I've known about this indecent for some time now and I've even saw this post, but until now i couldn't work up the courage to say something on his behalf..

Michael had such a vibrant personality, and because of this i know no one will forget him. I'm finding just composing the right words and sentences to say on his and his family's behalf extremely difficult. All i can say for sure is He will be missed not only by me and my crew, but by anyone who has ever encountered him.

Michael truly was one of a kind, he was never scared to express his emotions and or thoughts. I will always remember and cherish the hours on the phone with him trying to understand his broken English and the months he spent livening up the skype chat room. He is without a doubt a great grepolis player and even if i wanted too i could never forget Mikey.

Condolences to the family for their loss .

R.I.P Mikey You will forever and always be missed by the grepolis community
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devious greedy dee

it really hits home when something like this happens. I never knew the bloke personally yet I feel a great sense of tearful sadness its strange.
thoughts and prayers to his family and RL friends at this very hard time.


I couldn't believe it when i was told, i remember just chatting to him like it was yesterday.

You were a strong and vibrant player who had the guts to say whatever you wanted. I'm happy i played with you from Knossos to Myonia. I remember all of our chats behind the scene on how we would together to improve the alliance.

RIP to a great player and an even greater gentleman.


my condolences to his friends and family and much respect to the players from other alliances who have reached out. we may be enemies in the game but it is just a game. its nice to see everyone come together as a community to mourn the loss of a great player.


oh, thats really sad to hear. My deepest condolences and may his soul rest in peace, prayers of Last of the Mohican are with him. :(


If I believed in god I'd say my prayers are with you, instead I wish his family the strength to continue on and persevere. Welcome to infinity buddy :)

"I do not fear death, in view of the fact that I had been dead for billions and billions of years before I was born, and had not suffered the slightest inconvenience from it."

Mark Twain


I always find it hard to describe a death of a such an outspoken person as Michael. It always seems that any words I say or write can't sum up what I am thinking. So I'll be short and brief in saying that Michael was an excellent player in grepolis and from what I see was well respected in rl as well. You know a player commands great strength and respect when the enemy mourns his loss as well as his allies. My heat goes out to his family and friends as they mourn their loss.



Never knew ya, but always sad to hear when someone has passed away. My thoughts are with the family.