Milestones Milestones of Nysa


I'll be running the milestones, don't worry guys ;)
Individual Milestones

City Count

2 Towns: lukjackm
5 Towns: ManBlairPiggy
10 Towns: TimothyyN
25 Towns: TimothyyN
50 Towns:
100 Towns:
250 Towns:


2,000 Points: vinschat
5,000 Points: lukjackm
10,000 Points: Zarun
25,000 Points: TimothyyN
50,000 Points: TimothyyN
100k Points: TimothyyN
250k Points: TimothyyN
500k Points:
1 Million Points:
2 Million Points:

Attack Battle Points

2k Points: Grepo Psycho X
5k Points: Zarun
10k Points: TimothyyN
25k Points: TimothyyN
50k Points: TimothyyN
125k Points: riotdog
250k Points:
500k Points:
1 Million Points:
2 Million Points:

Defense Battle Points

2k Points: rufus433
5k Points: Sarun II
10k Points: mike0119
25k Points: W3STY
50k Points: W3STY
125k Points:
250k Points:
500k Points: Queen Viv
1 Million Points:
2 Million Points:

Alliance Milestones


80k Points: Zero Tolerance
250k Points: Acid Reign
400k Points: Acid Reign
800k Points: Acid Reign
1 Million Points: Knights who say Ni
2 Million Points: Tidal Surge
5 Million Points:
10 Million Points:
20 Million Points:

Average Points
(Must have at least 20 members)

2,500 Points: Acid Reign
5k points: Zombies
10k points: Zombies
20k Points: Acid Reign
50k Points: Tidal Surge
100k Points: Tidal Surge
250k Points:
500k Points:
1 Million Points:

Battle Points Attack

10k: Acid Reign
25k: Acid Reign
50k: Acid Reign
100k: Acid Reign
250k: Acid Reign
500k: Tidal Surge
1 Million: Tidal Surge
5 Million:
10 Million:
20 Million:

Battle Points Defense

5k: Morning Glory
25k: The League of Legions
50k: The Hive
100k: Blood Crown
250k: Blood Crown
500k: Acid Reign
1 Million: Acid Reign
5 Million:
10 Million:
20 Million:

Miscellaneous Milestones

First person to...

Conquer an active player (2,000+ pts.): lukjackm

Conquer a ghost/inactive player: lukjackm

Perform a Minor Disband (With founder rights, dissolve an alliance that has 20+members):

Perform a Major Disband (With founder rights, dissolve an alliance that has 35+members):

Perform a Major Sabotage (with leader rights, kick out every member):

Rim a Mod (has to be active):

Alliance Miscellaneous Milestones

First alliance to...

Go on a Minor Killing Spree (take 25 cities from one alliance in 24 hours):
Go on a Major Killing Spree (take 40 cities from one alliance in 24 hours):

Go on a Mini-Massacre (Take 50 cities from one Alliance):
Go on a Massive-Massacre (Take 200 cities from one Alliance):

Take 35 cities in one week (Grepostats for proof): Clocks
Take 40 cities in one week (Grepostats for proof): Clocks

Achieve 1,000 colonization gains: Knights who say NI
Achieve 2,500 colonization gains:

Build a World Wonder:
Build 4 World Wonders:
Build 7 World Wonders:​
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New milestone, First Person to Get a 500 Divine Enjoy Nuke.


First city to have ghosted: 00.0. Alex001


Everyone can now crack on with their spy quests ;)


lukjackm first to 2 cities, via colonization.

Edit: Also pretty sure Warsong was first to ghost. [town]2545[/town]

Unless you meant name of player?

Edit2: Correction, it was a ghost take not a colonization.
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first alliance to 5k dbp is MORNING GLORY - hey - it will get us on the list
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Here is some proof :D


and here is a PM from him, to prove he was active.
JazzPri today at 00:57

Dear L,

With what you threw at me just now, I suggest you start building up fast.


and heres some he sent to tzar assenav, causing him to become a target.

Dear Tzar,
Do not bite off what you cannot chew.
RIM?? Look at your profile text. That part is the only thing you will ever have a look at before I eat you.
Stay healthy.
My dear girl,

Do not play with the big boys, while you are growing up.
Have fun with the rest. No pun intended, keep watching your back.
As long as you need your big boys, you are still target.
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think I was first to conquer a active 2k player

Yup you were. I was trying to go for it but you beat me to it lol.

I got 10k first tho. :)

Sadly doesn't look like they hand out conqueror of the day this early.
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