Mind Game Alert!


Graeme, you woryy about my doing mindgames, hope you didn't miss the one below:

TODAY AT 9:50 (in the your people talk to my people thread) Goins posted:

good morning guys and girls

first i would like to tell we had few colonizations this week

our choosen islands are listed once again below

Island 125733 - ocean 22 contains 7 free slots and 3 ghosts - rest occupied by JU
Island 146270 - ocean 84 contains no free slots
needs 8 conquests
all new players are put on this island
who have plans to continue joined JU and rest remain as it is even having our invites
Island 128559 -ocean 73 contains 2 free slots - rest occupied by Ju
Island 121973 -ocean 32 contains 13 free slots and rest occupied by JU
but there is a small civil problem with this island
Dragonide40 of JU has made this as her base and does not want any of us to step in here
i opposed her but she is not ready to listen to me
if she does not listen we will shift our ww
so please dont colonize there right now and go for ocean 22 island

we have even this island
Island 125852 - with 3 legion cities and 5 free slots - rest occupied by JU
if any one wants those legion cities can have or the can solve this job

please contribute what you can for this alliance
with 25 colonizations we can have 4 islands filled up
and a small suggesstion to improve defense
it will be good if you have a city on ww island other than your main city which worships athena
so that we can have pegasus which are best defensive units and does not require transports
pleas every body change your god to athena in wonder cities
and must have minimum 1k briems
if you dont have ask your ocean leader or any one like me who does not have a ww city

sorry for a long message

LOL Hey guys, let's have fun and take easy conquers, build some wonder islands cuz we all know how it sucks to try and take a city from an alliance that can support. Look at it this way, we can win by sending resources to islands and play some sim city LOL Dukes are a joke....


I did see it, but to be honest didn't understand it, you know limited brain capability,

What is it? nice colour blue though


I cannot stand this WW junk. Took most of the fun from the game for me. Used to be you attacked alliances, hoped to take a city and gain ground in a hostile area, get attacked and hope to support, do it again tomorrow...

Now, all people want to do is put 20 cities on an island so they can build pretty things. How utterly boring. It is supposed to be a war game, battles and all that, but it is not happening because all are worried about "winning" by colonizing, gaining members to help feed the pretty things. *yawn*

The above Dukes strategy just emphasizes that. "Hey, if you guys got a slot open, we can put you here, "X" marks the spot. Be prepared to play sim city and help us build by sending resources." I just don't see where the fun is in that. I am not trying insult anyone, everyone plays their game the way they want to, I just personally don't like it. I understand why Dukes are going about it, it's just not for me, I would rather empty my cities trying to take an opponents city and rebuild so I can do it again. I hope it works out for you, someone has to do it, I guess....

Sod Arfe87

I Don't think there is anyone in the entire NU world that likes the WW , but we have to play with the cards we where dealt i mean if every alliance in NU swore not to build the WW then we could just carry on the way we want to, take all the enemies cities and repeat it again.

Unfortunately i can't see that happening so we have to do what the game makers want which is WW so just deal with it and cope with it, we are all in the same boat for this event.


I did see it, but to be honest didn't understand it, you know limited brain capability,

What is it? nice colour blue though

I have it on good authority that your brain capacity is quite good and that you've seen the big picture in this game for a while. I don't understand it either -- that's why I think it's a mind game. It looks like something one would post in an internal alliance forum or on alliance Skype, not on the general forum. So there are ways you can interpret it ranging from the author had a bit too much of his favorite beverage and accidentally posted on the Grep forum (i know what I'm like after a couple of glasses of wine LOL -- although posting to this forum requires conscious effort, including signing in) or maybe it was intentionally "accidentally on purpose" posted to elicit a reaction to "LOL Dukes are a joke....."

I don't think there is much to be gained from trying to deconstruct it -- because I don't think it was posted accidentally.



Yes, it seemed like that to me, it is easy to post plans in the wrong forums :) intentional or not