Proposal Mini wonders


What is it?
Mini wonders is exactly what it sounds like, every alliance, no matter how long in game could build something like a wonder on an island that has 20/20 cities belonging to that alliance.

Detailed explanation.
Basically you can build little wonders that will boost the cities on that island in some way. This will mean that completing islands will have more purpose... It can also mean that we can combine domination and wonders, although the wonders will do nothing but boost towns on certain island by 10% for example. I see this easily applicable in domination worlds, where idea of building core islands will "come back to play"
It can be the 7 wonders per alliance or it can be unlimited number of "shrines" which will give boosts to the cities on the island, but only cities on that island!
Should alliance lose a city on the island, the boost will be paused until an alliance takes over the island again, but i dont feel like explaining world wonders mode here....

I think it would be useful and give more complexity to the game, more playstyles. Only problem i see, is that premades will have big advantage as they spawn on same island, and lets say, a rim MRA will have hard time getting full island. Also some people might dislike this idea, so there should be worlds with this option turned off and some with this option turned on.

Silver Witch

I like the idea of a mini shrine on a core island for Domination - used either to boost favor production for those cities or to enable some extra pop. It would introduce the idea of specialising islands.

Domination is only about city numbers and winning and theres a lot of jumping alliances. This would make it more important to hold on to members and defend some areas. It just provides an extra dimension.