Newspaper Mochlos Newspaper #1


Trying to liven up the forums a bit, will do my best to create a newspaper.

In this edition:
-WW Prep

This war has been quite interesting, with MFW winning the war. SWARM needs to pick up pace. But, will they be able to do so?
Score: SWARM=58 - 96=MFW

2. SWARM vs Demon Squad
Another SWARM war. SWARM is winning through numbers in both, as their academy is taking cities from enemies too. But 1v1, SWARM looks like in trouble.
Score: SWARM=25 - 53=Demon Squad

3. SWARM vs Pacific Rim
This war has just started a couple of days ago, so nothing much to say here. But can SWARM take on 3 alliances at once? lets see and find out!

4. Great Global Warriors vs The Legion
This war is over, with GGW being the winners. Shortly after the war, the leadership collapsed, and only a few handpicked people were doing anything to fight. Those few later joined the ranks of GGW, and with strong teamwork, GGW with barely 30 members and 1/3 size of the #5 Legion destroyed them.

5. Great Global Warriors vs Los Cucuyos
Yet another war, with the opponents of GGW disbanding. Los Cucuyos collapsed when their top 2 players went into VM. Shortly after, one of their members (not going to mention any names here) had a dispute with the GGW leadership, and got hammered by GGW. The player fled to Pacific Rim 2. The next day, the alliance collapsed, and most of them joined Pacific Rim 2. Some members broke off and formed a new alliance called Grilled Cheese Club.

6. Great Global Warriors and GGW II vs Pacific Rim and PR2
This war has just started, so no takeovers yet. But soon after declaring war, both alliances started hitting each other, hoping to break through. Will GGW prevail, and make another alliance disband? Or will PR resist and push GGW back? This war started due to Pacific Rim 2 harboring refugees in their alliance, so really they can't blame GGW for another war for them.

WW Prep
With WW a couple of months away, alliances will be trying to secure their islands. So far, Pacific Rim is leading with more than 12 islands ready, and several more almost there. SWARM is close behind with 3-4 ready and few more almost ready, followed by GGW with a couple ready and couple more coming up. Other alliances including MFW, Ghost Republic, and Demon Squad have 1-2 islands each ready, and Erebus, a small alliance, surpisingly, has one too.

-Los Cucuyos
-Brothers of War II

Newspaper by Bond 007, please don't hesitate to +rep if you liked :D
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J.n.c 1993

Is this your first newspaper?

It's a good read, however it may make it more interesting if you interviewed the top alliances leaders about there alliances and wars just to make it more entertaining for everyone to read :) even adding maps of the top alliances and compare them, could be a good add as well.

Some people even add raffles of 1-20 to there newspaper just to get others to read and post and whoever wins gets a reward Ingame or a +rep from ya. Anyway nicely done mate. +1



Yes, this was my first newpaper. Thanks for the feedback, I'll try work on it next time!

I didn't add raffles of numbers as I wasn't sure that there are many readers, as the forums have been really inactive in this world.