Modern Warfare

Ichimaru Gin1

About MW
Based in NW

We will work in a squad system, that will make everyone extremely beneficial to the alliance. Their will be four squads in the oc, based on proximity towards each other. Their will be attackers and supporters in each squad led by a captain. Their will also be a Research and Development squad. That will deal with info on alliances, recruitment, spy reports and pacts.

The alliance is led by a Captains Council(Includes Advisors), the council will decide the final decisions for the alliance.

The forums will say: Announcements/News, Support(Requesting support), Squad 1, Squad 2, Squad 3, Squad 4, Research and Development, Off-Topic.

To be an aggressive competitor for the world, to take cities. By doing this we will be a dominant top twelve alliance holder. Every member must gain a certain amount of abp every week. Players failing to attack other players will be kicked. Players must be ACTIVE on the forums and respond to needed messages. Players that fail to respond after a warning, will be kicked. Everyone is expected to do their job. Roles are given but can be requested. Every role is important and failure to do your role, will result in a kicking.

The alliance will allow anyone who is willing to learn and adopt our gamestyle. If you contact me or are contacted, understand that you will have to hold a quick conversation(Or interview). You are expected be a teamplayer. And have good stats if you are experienced, if not. That you have read alot of guides.

About me​

I am not japanese, lol. Ichimaru Gin is my fav character from an anime. I played alpha late and reached 45k before I had to leave. I was in the alliance Elite Olympus Warriors and Eclipse. In another world I played I was in the alliance Kronopolis until I was conqoured. I am not a good city builder but I am good at taking high point cities.

Thanks for reading and I hope you join me :)


Ok, so I don't mod this world, but I'm going to save you lot some future trouble. This thread was gotten of topic quite badly, and is filled with insults and such. I would suggest that you get back on topic, and save yourself some hassle.