More worlds like the anniversary world?


Not sure how other people would feel, but I really like the settings of the anniversary worlds (high speed, start with 3 cities), and hope we can see more in future.

Maybe once a year?

It'd be interesting to mix those settings up slightly as well - eg. 10 small cities, or just 1 big city at the start.


They barely even managed to get this world off it's feet lol. Nah, keep the anniversary worlds for actual special occasions.


I personally dont like speed 6, its just too fast... You cant have as big efficiency in speed 6 like in other speeds (for example ress overflow, running festivals non-stop..) and it just becomes a big fiasco. Not to mention players have lives and even if you spend 24/7 on a speed 6, there's still things you could be doing to grow faster. Just my 2 cents on speed 6


I would suggest reducing the speed to 3 but keeping the 3 cities theme, Might not help older and experienced players but gives smaller players and those newer to the game a chance at the game, and when they have to restart they start with 3 cities, It also allows players who dont use gold a chance since the cities are set up in a way that they can be easily built up bigger quicker without spending gold.

Shouldnt be hard for inno to work on 3 cities with a slower speed;)


I like the 3 city start. Reminds me of Belle when it started out. Non gold spenders could keep up and actually help instead of falling behind.

Me being a non gold spender I'd play it. I have nothing against gold but the advantages gold spenders are getting Is already ridiculous.

Baudin Toolan

Grepolis Team
I'm happy to hear people enjoyed the 3 city start aspect of the anniversary world and I can say it's definitely a setting we hope to use again in the future and not necessarily on a really high speed world.


i think the 3 or 5 city start should be on most worlds one it lets new players auctually start playing instaed of getting bored and leaving the game because cant do much for week to weeks depends on world speed