Most unhonourable alliance I've seen in my 8 years of playing

Reimu Hakurei


Judgement day is blatantly putting spies in all MRAs and alliances they are fighting, their founder put spies in Chimps and Oblivion as well, Its very pathetic that number 1 premade 2x the points of second alliance has to put spies to beat MRAs. This is killing the game, its very hard for a new player to get into a premade and MRAs stand no chance against animals like him.
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Additionally, nearly every inactive city in 44 that has been reserved or posted on forum with our cs time, has been sniped. I happened to know one of the inactive players from another world so I asked him to log in and see who put birs there, and i will quote: " 100 bir from armashuski landing a minute before cs "

Judgement day, your day of judgement will come for this most unethical behaviour ive seen in my entire career. I have seen spies, botters, backstabbers, but i havent seen a number 1 alliance with 2x point lead from second alliance spying on textbook MRAs to beat them, XiHercules you disgust me as a human being, and also shame on all people who follow you. And before anyone accuses me of manipulating html, ask me in-game to forward so you can see for yourself that I didn't.
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You can pretty much fabricate anything by changing the HTML code of the page LOL.

look how easy is to manipulate data.


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I mean : 8 years of playing and only 9750 GP ?? Seems that something is missing ....


Mate ( @Reimu Hakurei ) I`m playing for 8 years ( except 5 years ) : I`ve started in 2012. I didn`t changed my profile/name , why should I do it ? I have nothing to hide ! Is a game . In all war games are spies and never ends good for them ! This is why I choose to play " as much as I can " NOT to "sell my self". In this case ...I believe you sold yourself and of course this happened .

Reimu Hakurei

I agree with all of that,but you never mentionted that you were our spy inside Chimps...Hm..Why would you hide such an info?

You were too low for us so we send you as a spy on chimps .
When I joined this world, I pretended to be a noob with lacking English skills just to see which alliance i could get in. Sterben decided to invite me! I found it pretty wholesome and he himself said that it doesnt matter that im new, I just need to be willing to learn. I decided to tryhard and help the alliance out. You abused this and planted spy in this alliance and no I am not the spy you clown.

Captain Pudding

Whilst I think it’s pretty said that big alliances have to resort to spying to attempt to win, it doesn’t surprise me. People will do anything for a win, even though it’s just a game