Proposal Moving shared TABS


Summary: the basic idea is that forum moderators are allowed to move shared TABS with other alliances that are not owned by the alliance around the forum.

Description: So if two alliances are sharing a TAB on the forum the hosting alliance can move it wherever they like on the forum. but the alliance that is sharing the thread has to keep it at the back of the alliance forum in a 'shared forum'
section. this idea would allow forum mods to move TABS from the shared forum section to where it is best needed to be (defence and offence at the front, general chat at the back).

Reason: This would mean that players would be able to notice shared TABs more easily (especially ones of importance) as well as giving a bit of a quality of life improvement (scrolling all the way to the back is a pain in the arse).

Visual Aids: i have no visual aids.

Silver Witch

I agree this is helpful when you are sharing tabs. However it helps the pacted set up and theres a lot of arguement against enhancing this.

For academies you can control the tab order by making sure you only have one set so its not so important.