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So, there has been a lot of chatter about MRAs lately with ATALANTE and the DoW#1.

MRA = Mass Recruiting Alliance

They recruit massively. A lot. They are an alliance.

Ok. Most MRAs turn out to fail, but there are a few that have survived against odds (PV and HoD). It takes a great leader and some determined members to achieve this.

So, let's discuss MRAs (particularly in Knossos). Which ones will last longer? Which one is the noobiest? Etc.


don't know about ATALANTE I though they would fail soon, but as I saw later they have good amount of experienced players, I know them from others worlds and they are kinda good players, I think if they manage they can make it great alliance , but it will be very difficult for them


I think the difference between good and bad MRAs is whether they kick out inactive members and recruit new members or just do one round of mass invitations as soon as they are founded and then limp along with their members getting less and less active. It also is crucial that any alliance be compact, but some MRAs seem to think expanding into new oceans is somehow desirable. The further away you are from each other the more likely it is you will get involved in a two-front war and your alliance will only be half as strong.


Imo MRAs can work really well. If you recruit a lot of guys in only your area, and constantly trim the fat and invite more people in, it'll end up working. You filter through players and find the good ones. Those you promote to help you keep it moving while conquering anyone in your area that won't join. The catch is that to work, most of the guys in that area must have already joined you. Just my two cents. I don't like MRAs, and they take too much work, but I think if handled correctly with gobs of time, they just might be successful.


Hahaha lol ATALANTE are such noobs in my view. Whoever wins the current war in Knossos ought to take them out pretty quickly.