A MRA is by definition a M*** Recruiting Alliance.
They typically have a very low Average Points and a low Attack BP in comparison to Defense BP

The most famous MRA in Mu is currently: Real Madrid Elite and web alliances including
Real Madrid SPQR
Real Madrid North
Real Madrid Dragons

^ I think this is a good start


I was laying a framework ;)

L.O.A has been an MRA (working at it)

Never Down<---- MRA
Pheonix Elite<---- MRA
Alliances 12-329<---- MRA's
LOA<--- not that bad

Oppose to MRA's lets talk about how alliances will fail... like TCE :eek:
Where do you plan to go?


WRONG! Is Terminator of Mu an MRA? Is Abandoned?
Dont make me laugh to hard...

Your right i should have changed that to a NRA NonRecruitingAlliance

Its way to early to begin to judge IeL... things could blow up or they could become an elite(r) alliance... only time will tell


bahh dont say it was simple you used two words that could have nearly been referring to anything.

Back to the original question:
MRAs. What are your views?
I believe that MRA's are essential to a world. This is proven by how every world has and will forever have large MRA's.
They offer a common enemy (BP target) and a chance for inexperienced players to grow and learn the game.

Ever hear of a completely "elite" world? That is because the world would not be like that without a MRA.;)


Points aren't that important,but BP are really important,esspecially ABP.If an alliances has high amount of ABP and less DBP,it is specified as elite.
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Every world will have MRA's because every world will have new leaders that dont know any better and see having lots of members as an example of how strong they are. Of course as we know a true reflection of strength has nothing to do with how many members or points you have :)

habeas corpus

choose a small elite alliance and end up with 10-15 players out of 40, then try and recruit or become too elite. choose a big alliance and get stuck with boring internal conquers, ghost cities and teaching as a second job.
the fact that mra's have to defend a lot is not surprising since they often accept nearly anyone, then have to support them. the fact that they get targeted by multiple alliances at once makes the elite alliances who team up with other not that much different in size.
in a perfect world without inactivity, somewhere between nat and nr in size would be ideal.