MRA = Mass Recuitment allaince.. Negative Mra recruit over all oceans for anyone that will join can't help thier members because they are too far away..

Positive Mra stay in one ocean recruit and then train then becomes a top allaince with top players.. if dead weight is shed at a good rate..

My opinion is Sigma has a lot of MRA's since I'm new to the world.. the best way to navigate allainces.. I want people to post thier allaince.. and two others one that a positive MRA and then the negative MRA..

Rules for this post is simple don't use the same allaince.. and don't comment on your own.. that way it fun.. like..

1. Beer Pong is my allaince..
2. The Enlightened on my last sever was good at the MRA's
3. Black watch has secondary alliances on two different sides of the world.. my opinion they are the bad///