Mutzzy*s Killers


Well mates, this premade is for the next non-morale world with a speed higher than 1. No matters if is a conquest or morale. I prefer revolt and I am pretty sure that the next non-morale will be a revolt one.
Which kind of players I need:
1. Very active. It is very simple, if you cant play the game properly you are not welcomed.
2. No fakes.
PS. Only one player is not welcomed at this moment. I am pretty sure he knows that, and also sure he will not be there. I wish him in my 4-5h CS range, but he don't have the bones for that.
I already have one good friend joining. I don't care if I will have 2 players or 200. In the end the goods one will stay, the others... well, food is expensive these days.ns friends
PS. All Daizans friends are more than welcomed. Even that he used to be friend with way too many mods. Ahaha!
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Hey, hey, hey... lets just wait for next revolt world. :)