Pnp My Awesome DLU CS Attack: Report of the Week


So a Envenom player pops up on my island and I clear her for hours while building the CP for a slot to take her...

I send my attack and manage to land, even though she tries two backsnipes, land and sea...

Lo and behold, my venerable ally who shall not be named sent an attack landing just after my CS and killed my awesome ALU force that landed easily...

Do I cry? NO! :pro:

Instead, I send this and land it!


I think this one deserves Report of the Week or at least an honorable mention.

That's it. Let's see some other awesome weird reports that top this...

Happy Hunting! ;)

Edit: Don't know how to post the report so the link can be copied to your notes or something lols!

Edit: Someone PM me to tell me how to show a report here. Never did it before.
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Is this the first time you've landed a LDU cs? You realise some of us do that a couple times a week. Don't mean to be a party pooper but landing on an isolated enemy isn't really all that impressive. If you want some good reports antonska is a good person to ask v good on the backsnipe numerous times from what I've seen and heard. Much more skilful than landing an LDU cs on someone that is already cleared and their troops for backsnipes killed.


I've been playing since EN58. I was in the old Angels of the Apocalypse... Some Venom players still think kindly of that alliance...

I changed my name since then, but I'm still nooby on the forums lols! I appreciate your feedback bro. I just thought that was funny. That was a white knuckle 8 hours, yes, I have done it before, but not against Venom lols!

That is why is was funny to post it against him. Honestly, he had no reason to land there. Seems spores spread all over the area... Gonna have to sanctify and contain and disinfect the area...

We will see...



I've been playing since EN58.



:heh: Maybe i missed something ,Ive only been playing since Alpha, so you landed a Cs with dlu


:heh: Maybe i missed something ,Ive only been playing since Alpha, so you landed a Cs with dlu

playing since alpha.... and you are still terrible at the game :D

Maybe you missed the link to the wiki :p


Oh. My. God. I am soooo impressed. You managed to land a CS escorted by LDU. Geezes. How come you are not ranked Top Notch #1 player in this world?

Oh wait. Your newly gained city was taken by Serpens after you got it. Haha. You're not that badass of a player anyway, are you?

Incredible what newbs are playing this server. Sigh.