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Well, lets face it, this forum is pretty much dead, here is another attempt of mine to revive heres my story :D

My Story of Pella
I was returning to Grepolis after quitting my first world Eta and giving my account to someone, when I first logged in I saw the person who took over my account had entered my account into the world Gythium.
I wasn’t in touch with any of my old friends from past world so I decided I would just keep playing here, I got to 2000 points when I remembered I was friends with an old player who had also quit on facebook so I decided that I would ask him if he wanted to play Gythium with me.
When he replied he told me that he was already playing Pella and had 3 cities, so instead of him joining Gythium, I joined Pella.
When I got there I had messaged the alliance of his alliance RootHawgs asking if I could join and he said I could.
For the first few weeks I was growing trying to get up to conquest while the alliance was at war with alliances called House of Batious and DOOM.(we were pacted with an alliance called Luminescent who were also fighting them)
One day we got a message from HOB members asking us if we were ready for war because they had merged into the number 2 alliance Band Of Misfits.
While were fighting them our pact, Lumi merged into an alliance called White Eagles who were fighting BOM at the start, after a while BOM overcame us and a few ex-Lumi players left to from Phoenix.
Most of the top players in RH ended up leaving to form an alliance called Fight Club and then left over players joined an alliance named reapers and we pacted with the newly formed Phx, at this stage Phx had gotten a Nap with BOM(who were now fully focusing on WE) and declared war on an alliance called Play For Keeps.
My alliance FC were trying to tie up loose ends and get a NAP with DOOM because BOM already left us alone to fight WE, DOOM declined our offer saying they would have nowhere to grow, while this was happening we had officially declared war on PFK to work close with our Pact Phx, while this was happening DOOM were still taking cities off us.
I woke up one morning to find a message saying to join Phx as we were merging and we will discuss things when we get there, so I agreed and accepted the invite.
All was going well, BOM had destroyed WE but Mors Omnia Solveit, the number 1 alliance who had a pact with BOM had taken in the left over WE players which caused a war between MOS and BOM which took DOOM of our backs because they were helping BOM, in this war MOS quickly destroyed BOM and the left over players either joined MOS or formed and alliance named Reload to fight MOS.
While we were fighting PfK Reload declared war on us so we pacted with MOS making it a world war with Phx, Reapers and MOS fighting Reload DOOM and PFK.
All seemed well and it looked like a certain victory when the leader of Phx quit and the council took over but then joined MOS leaving a lot of smaller players behind, some joined PfK, most were advised to join Reapers who were fighting with MOS, I joined Reapers but didn’t like it one bit there so left. I was about to quit when I then came in contact with the player who invited me to the world who was in DOOM and said if I needed alliance he could try and get me in, I accepted.
I have joined DOOM now and like all the people now and are fighting MOS with some others.

I have left out some other little stories that could have fit in and everything here is my own opinions and I don’t want to insult anyone or hurt anyone’s feelings.
Some info may be incorrect.
All questions, comments and reps are welcomed as longs as their productive.
No pandas were hurt in the making of this.
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Very interesting story, thanks.
You said, "the number 1 alliance who had a pact with BOM" it is not correct, there were no pact, only an agreement with border issues. When WE players joined MOS, this agreement expired. At the same time, BoM leadership hit VM collectively and they let us in trouble. MOS destroyed BoM because BoM players did not know what happened. After a little confusion, Iminpolis grabbed the stick and founded Reload.


Ok, sorry...the only thing i heard of all this was in the forum, so like i said, some info may be incorrect :D

Great Baconator

All seemed well and it looked like a certain victory when the leader of Phx quit

LOL at this might recall that the PFK was 26-13 against Phoenix. We weren't losing. The PFK was winning. And while we were kicking booty on the border of 66 we somehow managed to go 72-3 against LEGENDS and 65-3 against the REAPERS before we stopped keeping track. And we did all this while a full 1/3 of our cities on the frontline were inactive, which were the only ones Phoenix was able to conquer. Phoenix NEVER took the city of an active PFK member. The hysterical part of all this is that George the Liar actually agreed to a NAP with the PFK (we felt with so many inactives and not enough slots we needed time to reboot) and then like the liar he was immediately failed to honor it. He never even bothered to tell his own alliance members. Maybe he had a warped sense of reality. We were so angry we forgot about everything else, turned west again and conquered ten cities in a row, and would have conquered the rest, at which time he mysteriously "left" the game, and Phoenix collapsed. Had he chosen to honor the NAP, Phoenix would rule 66 today, and the PFK would never have gone to war with MOS....well maybe not never, it just would have taken longer.

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Great Baconator

No offence taken, just want to keep the record straight before joke becomes Clintons record.


I (iminyourpolis) was in WE. We were fighting BOM. We were holding our own doing rather well (it was back and forth) until moonwalker and his cheating co-leader both got 5 day bans. BOM proceeded to take advantage off this attackable ban and took at least 20-25 cities off both players. We tried to save and help where we could but you can imagine with no intel on the cities it's almost an impossible task. They signed back on the 6th day and basically in the forum went off on us (THE TEAM!) and said we didn't save their cities, after they just got banned for cheating...and said we sucked and quit. Noselint basically took over as leader short term and we were looking to salvage what we had and regroup. I had a claim on a city in the forum toward Moonwalkers cheating co-leader (sorry forget his name) and I sent many clearing groups and supports to this city. ALEK0690 who
is serbian along with Moonwalker and the other guy...apparently got intel from the other guy I had a cs incoming and decided to put all his birm in front and completely kill all my units. We were both WE mind you. This blew my mind and was unacceptable! I was livid! So we went back and forth over this city and alek basically told me 'who cares'. I told Noselint and WE I could not play with a teammate who treated other teammates this way and it was either him or me. If they did not kick the MFer I was leaving. Well by the lack of reaction from Noselint and the overall leadership (or lack of) in WE they didn't do anything or make any decisions so I left. I will mention at this point I was angry and completely went off in the forum and this p izzed Chortle and
a few others off. Since ALEK squashed all my units and told me to p*ss off a couple days later I took one of his cities while we were both in WE and no one could do anything about it. I then left WE and within hours Chortle and several members of WE sent pretty much everything they had at my cities and started trying to clear me and cs me. At this point I joined BOM and started to war WE. Chortle and I exchanged some heated emails of which I remember him telling me 'I cant wait to rim you'. WE had a real hard time taking cities from me at this point and after they started feeling some pressure from BOM and BOM started moving into opinion is MOS took advantage of the situation of being 'friends' with BOM and recruited WE...a team BOM was at
war with. This is an obvious move to end terms (no matter what they were) with BOM...and around this time it seemed like 40-50% of BOM members including all leadership clicked VM and never came back...basically before the war even started between BOM and MOS. I am also willing to bet MOS had intel many BOM members and leaders were quitting the server which interested them in war with BOM. It was going to be an easy war with no leadership, members spread out, and much fewer members. MOS leadership has their own take on the situation but there answers are wishy washy about some guy attacking one of their members and they 'didnt want war with us'. BS. Don't believe the hype. What I can say is it's been an honor to fight along
side the surviving members of BOM who had gutts, courage and relentless will to survive. Not much can be said to the spineless cowards that couldn't hack the pressure and took the easy road and joined MOS. But we won't name anyone will we.
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