Newspaper Myonia Weekly [2nd Edition]-Victory's,Wars & Epic Fails


Victory's,Wars & Epic Fails

It's Now being 17 days already in this world.Can you believe it?Anyways it's being really hectic the last couple of days i would say.Wars starting,alliances ending e.t.c.And today i will shed light to everyone on what has really being going on so far.
To begin..........."SHUSH" & "RED MIST" has started a war and no surprises on who's winning this.
"Game over" disbanded.And well im hear to tell you really what went wrong where.So sit back and enjoy.

Our Top 5 alliance interviews 1[SUP]st[/SUP]

We begin with Rank 1 alliances "The League of Legions"

1**You guys have almost reached the number of members you can recruit for this world.And so im guessing you guys decided to make an academy alliance.Will having an academy alliance benefit you guys at all?
or will it just make youll a MRA?

whathell said:
I dont care who thinks we are a MRA.That is the most over used expression used in the forums
we know over 80% of our members from other worlds and it was planned drop in that is why all of our players are in Ocean 45.And we are finding out who of the 20% is worth keeping.As for an academy/sister alliance
it can be very beneficial at this point in the game if used correctly.And i dont feel posting the way we use it is beneficial
2**Do you wish to have any relationship with the alliance **PirateS**?
whathell said:
I dont wish to comment on our Pacts, NAPs or wars at this time
3**What do you think of the leadership of the other top 5 alliances namely:

2 The Misfits
3 Red Mist
4 The Dark Punishers
5 **PirateS**

whathell said:
It takes a lot of work to run an alliance and build cities and fight.And it takes a group of players willing to work together.So i have a certain amount of respect for any leaders in a successful alliance

well....I thought of asking a player as well what they really think of there alliance leadership. Didnt go as planned because the player turned out to be a new guy.
Q.What do you honestly think of the leadership of your alliance?
ben1016 said:
they know a lot more than me and answer any questions when i message them ,they have set up questions and answers explaining how to do things which is very therefore i think they are good leaders
Now lets move onto Alliance NO.2 "The Misfits"

1**Apparently according to you guys got over 100,000 points in a day and climbed up the ladder from 'rand 20' to 'RANK 4'.Would you like to shed some light on this?
Did youll undergo a merger of any sort?

Zero Point said:
Misfits was formed out of nesesity Mf leaders were incompitant.
so our rapid growth was because i set up a new alliance and most of the old players moved.
2**Out of the other top 5 alliances who do you think will be here the longest?
Zero Point said:
from my experience its impossible to say, in grepolis players come and players go, lose your best players over a few months or leadership and your team can crumble.
i would say that there are some top teams flying under the radar not in the rankings yet but with the talent they have it will show soon!

And our Rank NO.3 "Red Mist

Here something that everyone might like.Please note i aint taking side's under the request of the player interviewed I posted the below reports.

1**Firstly do you think Red Mist will engage in a war with The Misfits over the control of Ocean 54?
ApoxPredator said:
as of now we are talking diplomacy, but all is possible in Grepolis.
2**You're alliance average is extraordinary.Whats the secret for this?
Are you all experienced players?

ApoxPredator said:
My alliances average is extraordinary because of the amazing amount of experienced players, we do have 1 or 2 new players but that's only because they were willing to learn and be active around the clock.
3**Lets talk about your rank now.You guys boosted from like rank 30 to rank 3 in a week or so.How were youll able to do this?
ApoxPredator said:
Hard work and dedication.
4**Are you guys interested in making any pacts in this world?
if so who do you think is the best alliance to do so?

ApoxPredator said:
We have all the pacts we need but ill give you something better,
her along with the other founder and 6 other shush city will soon follow walls cleared nukes on route :p
Reports......Warstats....."SHUSH" vs "RED MIST"
Players left "Shush" in the past 24 hours....Shush Alliance Changes

"Red Mist" Attacks on "Shush"...

Conquer stats last 24hrs.

Cities lost in the past 24 hrs

Last but not least Rank 4 alliance "The Dark Punishers"

1**You guys had a merger with the "Black Falcon".With this merger you guys were able to creep into the top 5 alliances.Do you think that the merger you guys had will help youll stay in the top 5 for along period of time?
donjuanas said:
I cant say we will stay but we gone fight hard to stay where we are and maybe better:)
2**Do you think Sosa will at some point takeover the control of Ocean 55 from you guys?
If this happens will you guys engage in a war or look to form a friendly relationship with them?

donjuanas said:
Sosa are our friends from other worlds we working with them closely its game u never know what gone happen latter in the game:)
3**You guys have 148 members already at some point you guys might even recruit 2 more which will make it 150.At this stage will youll form a academy alliance or just move on.
donjuanas said:
we not looking in the numbers its just start of the game its gone change steal allot if guys are agresive they always have room in our alliance but if u newbie u got learn fast :) and academy makes your alliance more weak early in the game and u never know that academy can bring problems in the game :)

So now we can turn our attention towards the "Disbanding of Game Over"
I was in this alliance when this happend.I observed everything very clearly.What really happens was at 1st the founder [user][/user] went on VM.While he was in VM the day he returned a leader had cancelled all Pact relationships they had with other alliances.GO had a **PirateS** but the members in GO had violated this NAP.So **PirateS** became a enemy.Anyways after the cancelling of all pacts the players started leaving because they also faced attacks from **PirateS** and could not do anything about it.All in all its was all because of BAD LEADERSHIP.

Hope you all enjoyed!
Untill next time
Any material you find in this paper was added wither because the interviewed players asked for it or because i felt like it.I did not mean to disrespect anyone when making this newspaper.So hope you all enjoyed:)


whoever the leader of "the dark punisher" alliance is, needs to type more carefully ( no disrespect.... jus sayin) other than that it twas good!


lol theres your leader shrefty :p
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Miserable Crow

This is a very entertaining read whist waiting to send off an attack.
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Yea there should be something like "War correspondent" that will bring in top news from each war


Question one Apox how did red mist handle the war?

A. What war???