Myth Units Revamp + 2 New Gods idea

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    Apr 9, 2018

    I have played this game for quiet some years and I have always noticed that a bunch of myth units barely get used, so I had the idea to change the values of some myth units, add special features to some myth units and a couple of switches of units between gods. Next to that I also had the idea to add a cavalry tag to the cavalry units (explained with the new gods) and I also thought of 2 new gods.


    Cavalry units type:
    Horseman, Chariots, Centaurs, Pegasi, Calydonian boars, Nemean lion and Cerberi now fall under the category Cavalry unit.

    New gods


    Divine Powers:

    1. Pestilence: Unit training times in selected city's barracks get increased by 20%. 200 favor
    2. Warriors Courage: Land Units gain 7.5% more Battle points in the next battle. 475 favor
    3. Centurion: The selected city recieves 10 hoplites. 100 favor
    4. Man at arms: Militia activated after this boost get doubled their defensive stats. Can be used again for 200 favor to triple the defense stats. 250 favor
    Myth units:


    Wood: 3300
    Stone: 6600
    Silver: 6600
    Favor: 330
    Population: 55
    Distance Weapon: 1775 (1700 previous)
    Travel Speed: 10
    Booty: 440
    Defense Blunt Weapons: 360 (460 previous
    Defense Sharp Weapons: 360 (460 previous)
    Defense Distance Weapons: 545 (595 previous)

    Satyr: (New myth)

    Wood: 3000
    Stone: 1000
    Silver: 3000
    Favor: 120
    Population: 15
    Distance Weapon: 270
    Travel Speed: 28
    Booty: 260
    Defense Blunt Weapons: 75
    Defense Sharp Weapons: 75
    Defense Distance Weapons: 210
    Special: Ignores 75% wall defense bonus.


    Divine Powers:

    1. Sparta's cavalry: Your cavalry units cause an additional 15% damage (city effect). 135 favor
    2. Motivation: Building times in this city are lowered by 10%. 420 favor
    3. Winged Sandals: Your units travel 7.5% faster to the next battle. 350 favor
    4. Hippeis: The selected city recieves 3 horsemen. 100 favor

    Myth Units:


    Wood: 1100 (previous 2300)
    Stone: 2700 (previous 400)
    Silver: 1600 (previous 900)
    Favor: 110 (previous 70)
    Population: 18 (previous 12)
    Distance weapon: 575 (previous 270)
    Travel Speed: 18
    Booty: 500 (previous 200)
    Defense Blunt Weapons: 415 (previous 195)
    Defense Sharp Weapons: 290 (previous 585)
    Defense Distance Weapons: 255 (previous 80)
    Special: Cavalry units get 0.45% attack bonus when used in offense. (new)

    Leviathan: (Sea unit) (new)

    Wood: 3000
    Stone: 2000
    Silver: 3500
    Favor: 150
    Population: 25
    Attack Value: 675
    Speed: 16
    Defense Value: 525
    Transport Capacity: 26

    Myths Changes



    Wood: 2500
    Stone: 1050
    Silver: 5450
    Favor: 180
    Population: 30
    Blunt Weapon: 650
    Travel Speed: 10
    Booty: 480
    Defense Blunt Weapons: 750
    Defense Sharp Weapons: 330
    Defense Distance Weapons: 640
    Special: All land units recieve 0.2% attack bonus when used in offense. (new)



    Wood: 3000
    Stone: 5000
    Silver: 4000
    Favor: 265 (240 previous)
    Population: 45 (40 previous)
    Distance Weapon: 1355 (1035 previous)
    Travel Speed: 8
    Booty: 320
    Defense Blunt Weapons: 850 (1050 previous)
    Defense Sharp Weapons: 10
    Defense Distance Weapons: 1350 (1450 previous)
    Special: Damages the enemy's city wall. (new)



    Wood: 2300 (previous 1100)
    Stone: 400 (previous 2700)
    Silver: 900 (previous 1600)
    Favor: 70 (previous 110)
    Population: 15 (previous 18)
    Sharp weapon: 230 (previous 315)
    Travel Speed: 8 Booty: 200 (previous 500)
    Defense Blunt Weapons: 245 (480 previous)
    Defense Sharp Weapons: 715 (245 previous)
    Defense Distance Weapons: 135 (290 previous)
    Special: Medusa has 150% increased offense and defense values against myth units. (new)


    Nemean lion (new)

    Wood: 3750
    Stone: 1800
    Silver: 2750
    Favor: 170
    Population: 22
    Blunt Weapon: 245
    Travel Speed: 6
    Booty: 130
    Defense Blunt Weapons: 275 (600 previous)
    Defense Sharp Weapons: 600 (700 Previous)
    Defense Distance Weapons: 525 (600 previous)
    Special: All land units recieve 0.2% attack bonus when used in defense (max 10%).


    Hades' Shades (new)

    Wood: 80 (50 previous)
    Stone: 80 (50 previous)
    Silver: 225(820 previous)
    Favor: 3
    Population: 2
    Sharp Weapon: 15
    Travel Speed: 74 (Flying)
    Booty: 240
    Defense Blunt Weapons: 9
    Defense Sharp Weapons: 4
    Defense Distance Weapons: 4


    Calydonian boar

    Wood: 2900
    Stone: 1500
    Silver: 1600
    Favor: 170 (120 previous)
    Population: 20
    Sharp Weapon: 275 (180 previous)
    Travel Speed: 44
    Booty: 240
    Defense Blunt Weapons: 525 (700 previous)
    Defense Sharp Weapons: 350 (700 previous)
    Defense Distance Weapons: 350 (100 previous)
    Special: Calydonian boars can carry 45 land units with them at their travel speed. (new)


    Im always open for freedback or critism, and hope you like the changes of my ideas

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  2. Silver Witch

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    Sep 20, 2014
    Its an interesting suggestion.
    I think it might help if you did a table showing existing and new and the changes. Ive got a good grasp of the existing units but not good enough to see exactly what the difference is without going in game and checking.

    Adding in new gods has implications for WW favor - in fact all favor use. I tend to prioritise to build certain units as it is so I am not sure I could handle any more choice.
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    Apr 9, 2018
    I had it originally with the other information written in a notepad, but when I copied it, it became a big mess due to the formatting of the external forums so I tried to keep it simple. but thanks for the suggestion.
  4. elliseh

    elliseh Hekatontarch

    Apr 9, 2018
    I added all the changes to the myth units behind the numbers, if this helps anything.
  5. Iain Martin

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    Dec 10, 2015
    Respect for the thought and time put into this,some interesting ideas which are always a good thing.
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  6. elliseh

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    Apr 9, 2018
    Thanks for the feedback[​IMG]
  7. Grandaizer

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    Mar 3, 2011
    Everyone has to love this suggestion mate, I really like idea of new myths, spells and overall great effort, thumbs up

    Also want to give a little bit of feedback:


    • Warriors Courage: I think idea of getting additional BP boost spell will be good, but it should cost max favor, let's say 500. If we make getting BP boosting that easy it will be imo not good, so it should become more expansive. Just my opinion mate.
    • Wall of Atlantis: Yes idea is great again here, but there are so many different tokens and most of them aren't rare, which boosts your defense, add to that some researches, heros and + this spell? I guess it will be too much, maybe lowering that 10% with lower percentage? Or maybe instead of boosting defensive power adding extra Militia (like trojan defense does)?


    1. Winged Sandals: Idea is great but imo 15% speed boost for just 270 favor isn't good, imo percentage should be lowered, to like 7-10% and favor cost should be increased like 400-450.

    Also got few questions, on which spells you think Purification should work? Because we know that now purification removes spells even from cities, besides Protection. So you think for example Purification should work on Wall of Atlantis?

    And another question, in the start of suggestion where you list myth units you mentioned Nemean Lion. Did I miss anything in your post? What unit is it and under which god you suggest it?
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  8. elliseh

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    Apr 9, 2018

    Thanks for replying Ill answer everything you mentioned.

    Warriors courage: I agree with that 10% bp sounds overpowered, but if you use the spell you cant use spells like favourable wind or heroic power which will lesser the bp. I agree it could be highered but I guess it will show off when it is actually being used. (if ever)

    Wall of Atlantis: Youre militia idea is great and is definatly better what I first thought of!

    Winged sandals: This has the same reason as with warriors courage, to use this spell you have to give up some offensive power by not being able to use heroic power, favourable wind or warriors courage. but tweaking can always be done of course.

    Purifcation is something I havent thought off, most of them seem pretty obvious, but wall of atlantis might be a problem. this spell is a bit doubtfull might need to rethink that.

    The Nemean Lion: as seen with ares and hermes, they both have already in use myths (eriny and centaur) if you scroll down a bit to myth changes you can see i replaced the erinys for hades with hades shades and the centaurs for athena with the nemean lion.

    Thanks for putting in effort to give some feedback!

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  9. Grandaizer

    Grandaizer Phrourach

    Mar 3, 2011
    Cheers mate, I have definitely missed the part about Nemean lion.

    Thanks for the reply and once again definitely this addition will make game more diverse and thanks for your effort, but still imo needs a bit improvements in numbers like boost percentage and favor cost.
  10. elliseh

    elliseh Hekatontarch

    Apr 9, 2018
    Tweaked some of the number and changed some of the spells
  11. elliseh

    elliseh Hekatontarch

    Apr 9, 2018
    Buffed Hades shades and nerfed medusa a bit
    Nerfed Medusa favor from 110 to 185.
    Buffed Hades shades favor from 15 to 5
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  12. elliseh

    elliseh Hekatontarch

    Apr 9, 2018
    Doubled Nemean lion and Minotaur special buff from 0.1% to 0.2%
    Boosted Centaur buff from 0.25% to 0.45%
    Nerfed Satyr distance damage from 470 to 270
    Nerfed Satyr special from 100% to 75%
  13. Fluvisol

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    Jun 14, 2016
    I wanna preface this by saying I absolutely love the effort you put into this
    Almost all the ideas are pretty solid and just need a bit of refining imo, there's only a few I really don't like like the boar change

    1. Pestilence: 10% seems a little low. Bolts are also 200 favour and if they hit a farm with a senate 9 it's almost a 20 hour setback. Maybe increase to 25-50%
    2. Warrior's Courage: Normally I would say easily abusable with Heracles, but the favour cost is high and the payoff is minimal so I like it, very situational just like return from the underworld (375 bp on a grif nuke that kills 5k units)
    3. Centurion: Divine Sign: 4 pop for 50 favour -> 12.5 favour per pop. This: 10 pop for 140 -> 14 favour per pop. Combined with hops being slower I'd say maybe 100 favour? Solid spell though
    4. Man at Arms: Sounds good but you'd have to save up almost your entire favour to use it. Maybe make it 200 favour + doubling, and it would stack additively making 400 favour the triple boost

    Eriny: Not sure if buffing the attack is a good idea, they're already ridiculously strong with more than 5 attack per pop more than the second strongest attacker (grifs)
    Satyr: I like the concept, weaker than slingers in attack/pop but the 75% wall strength reduction would push them over. Is it 75% off the total or a raw -75% where defense can't go lower than 0% boost?

    1. Sparta's Cavalry: 15% boost on mantis is stupid strong. Maybe take them out of the cavalry category, then it's definitely fine. But on a 93 manti nuke that counts as almost 14 extra mantis, which is just ridiculous especially when you stack buffs
    2. Motivation: Bit expensive, but justified if it works like the construction boosts on existing construction orders. Otherwise cheaper with shorter duration
    3. Winged Sandals: I'm assuming this could only be cast from the launch screen, so maybe lower it a bit so you can have 2 in case you miss a timing. Unless it's a city effect, then the cost is perfectly fine and it's less niche
    4. Hippeis: Perfection

    Centaur: Currently centaur's main role is defense against sharp, with double the def/pop of archers. After your change they get a severe nerf to that, while their offense is still **** (22% less attack/pop than slings for 28% more movement speed) Don't think it's really worth it to give up their defensive capabilities for this
    Leviathan: Great idea, maybe buff the stats a little as right now they take the pop of 3.5 slow trans in exchange for the defensive capabilities/pop of LS and only twice as strong as bir on offense. If you're spending favour on these I can imagine wanting them to be a bit more buff

    I'll do number crunching on this later, too busy but want to post my thoughts regardless :p

    Mino: Does the buff stack? A full mino nuke at 140 would get a almost 30% buff, not complaining :D

    Cyclops: I've always been a supporter of the wall destroying idea. However not a fan of nerfing their CS escort capabilities, this would make it so Poseidon isn't the go to CS hero anymore

    Medusa: Don't really like how you change medusa from a great attacker to a defender, but nice concept :)

    Lion: I don't get the special, do you mean boost defense?

    Hades' Shades: Assuming these are for HC purposes? Because the stats are pretty bad for everything

    Boar: Ties in with centaur, there's now no myth that's especially good to defend against sharp, meaning mantis are king. Boars are currently amazing defenders on any blue island as the only weakness is range which means to effectively take them down you would have to get through the harbour. I do like the landvessel idea :p
  14. elliseh

    elliseh Hekatontarch

    Apr 9, 2018

    Big wall of text, but I'm gonna answer everything :).

    Pestilence: I thought about making this higher, with the only problem this spell getting stacked after the negative spell duration is over. crippling someone to almost not be able to build troops might be a bit too op.

    Warriors courage: /

    Centurion: Seems fair! I'm going to change that.

    Man at Arms: Great idea! Didn't think about the stacking mechanism myself. Definatly will change it into that!

    Eriny: with all the changes to the current myths, I didn't want to get the witches too be worthless. Maybe I overshot it a bit.

    Satyr: Yes it does not go under 0 and it will also not reduce additional defense bonusses (from either myths, tokens or a tower)

    Sparta's cavalry: Seems fair even if its only 5% more then heroic power (which cant be stacked of course)

    Motivation: works on ongoing buildings as well :) just need to think of a duration for the spell

    Winged sandals: It's as a city effect so multiple attacks can use this buff at once!

    Hippeis: /

    Centaur: Will do some switching with the Boar, medusa and the Lion.

    Leviathan: Going to look at the numbers again!

    Minotaur: yes they do, but you could also mix the minos with other olu to get a mixed attack on for example a cs escort or an extra buff to your mantis if send over land.

    Medusa: see Centaur

    Lion: see Centaur

    Shades: Not only for hc's but also fast favor farming and cheap early game flyer nukes.

    Boar: see Centaur

    Thanks for all the feedback fluv!
  15. elliseh

    elliseh Hekatontarch

    Apr 9, 2018
    Manticore removed as cavalry unit
    Centurion favor changed from 140 to 100
    Man at arms changed to a new spell
    Eriny distance weapon changed from 1950 to 1775
    Sparta's cavalry now a city effect
  16. elliseh

    elliseh Hekatontarch

    Apr 9, 2018
    Changed around the stats for Centaur and Medusa to make Medusa's a more defense oriented and Centaur's more offense oriented
  17. elliseh

    elliseh Hekatontarch

    Apr 9, 2018
    Changed Leviathan attack value from 150 to 675
    Changed Leviathan defense value from 150 to 525
  18. elliseh

    elliseh Hekatontarch

    Apr 9, 2018
    Changed Hades Shade wood cost from 450 to 50
    Changed Hades Shade stone cost from 70 to 50
    Changed Hades Shade silver cost from 300 to 820
  19. elliseh

    elliseh Hekatontarch

    Apr 9, 2018
    Changed Hades Shade wood cost from 50 to 80
    Changed Hades Shade stone cost from 50 to 80
    Changed Hades Shade silver cost from 820 to 225
  20. elliseh

    elliseh Hekatontarch

    Apr 9, 2018
    Changes Hades shade travel speed from 62 to 74