Proposal Mythical Units in Event Shops - New System

Kal Gordon

Summary: Change the types of mythical units offered in Event Shops.

  • There are a number of "shop-based" events, such as Grepolympia and Trial of the Slingers. The shops for these events usually offer 3-4 tokens for different mythical units. In the vast majority of these events, the mythical units offered are Harpies, Manticores, and one or both of Griffins and Erinyes.
  • The new system would split the various mythical units in the game into three categories:
    • Category 1: Harpies, Manticores, Griffins
    • Category 2: Pegasi, Centaurs, Cerberi, Calydonian Boars
    • Category 3: Medusae, Minotaurs, Cyclopes, Hydras, Erinyes.
  • An event shop with 3 mythical token 'slots' would have one mythical unit from each category. An event shop with 4 mythical token 'slots' would have an extra mythical unit taken from any category.
  • The mythical unit taken from each category could be picked at random, rotated, or chosen by the developers (likely with a stipulation that the same mythical unit cannot be chosen for two consecutive events).

  • Shop Events have become almost synonymous with flyer 'spam'. Mythical units are generally difficult to recruit en-masse, meaning that mythical unit tokens are often the best value tokens (alongside BP-multiplier tokens), and when the vast majority of the options are flyers, that inevitably means lots of fliers. This has several impacts on the game:
    • In Conquest Worlds, sieges become extremely difficult to hold, often causing a temporary stalemate in wars.
    • In Revolt Worlds, events mean lots of "cheap" revolts due to players splitting up easily-replaceable flyers into small groups and hitting large numbers of cities.
    • By only offering flyers (and occasionally Erinyes) in shop events, it implies to the player base that those are the only mythical units that are worth using, meaning that many players don't explore all the possibilities available in a complex game like this.
  • This new system would still allow for the purchase of flyers from events, meaning that players who want to continue with the current 'darken the skies' tactic can do so. However with only one type of flyer available, players know what type of DLU (or mythical defensive units) to build in order to counter the large numbers of flyers.
  • Players would be able to experiment with a wider variety of mythical units, without having to worry about 'wasting favour' due to not liking how it performs (which can be a significant barrier, particularly on slow worlds where favour generation is much lower). This would likely lead to a wider variety of mythical units being used in general and therefore a more varied game experience for the community.

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  • Constructive criticism or any thoughts on how to improve this idea are greatly appreciated.


kal, a nice idea if inno goes for it
it appears for categories 2 and 3 you divided by typicially offense and defense?
another possibility might be to divide by favor or population cost rather than job since some myths have dual roles

Kal Gordon

My decisions for Categories 2 and 3 were fairly arbitrary. Category 2 was for defensive myths, while Category 3 was for 'other' mythical units. With the exception of Erinyes, all the Category 3 mythical units are hybrid units. I felt that putting Erinyes in Category 1 with the other popular choices would be criticised as it would mean the possibility of an event shop with no flyers.
Favour cost and population cost would also be interesting ideas, as three of the four current usual options are high favour/population cost. What sort of groups would you split them in?

monkey trouble

I like the idea. What about making the store options change daily, so that throughout the event, you have the opportunity to get all the myths, but on any given day, you can only get 1 from each category? So one day you can get Harpies and the next day you can get Mantis.

Kal Gordon

@monkey trouble:
Changing the myth options midway through an event is an interesting concept, however I think the ability to have an inventory full of all the flyer types after a few days of the event would remove the advantage of players knowing which single type of flyers will suddenly be filling the skies, making it harder to counter them. (And one of the ideas behind the proposal was to reduce the flyer-dependence and flyer-spam during events.)


@Kal Gordon, i didn't really have a plan but was just thinking out loud
nothing wrong with your system
just ideas

if you do it by favor:
cat 1: off flyers
cat 2: mino, medusa, cent, peg, cerb, boar (<200)
cat 3: cys, hydra, erin

by pop so the total of the buff is the same (100 pop or whatever):
cat 1: off flyers
cat 2: medusa, cent, peg, boar (20 or less)
cat 3: mino, cys, hydra, cerb, erin
I would also put Erinyes in Category 1. They get abused/spammed hugely by contested island players on revolt servers (mea culpa), sometimes as high population meat shields to protect catapults from being raged.

Kal Gordon

I would also put Erinyes in Category 1. They get abused/spammed hugely by contested island players on revolt servers (mea culpa), sometimes as high population meat shields to protect catapults from being raged.
Based on popularity and current presence in events, I would agree. The reason that I didn't put them in Category 1 is that it allows for a completely flyer-free event; revolt players might not mind too much if the alternative "popular" myth is Erinyes, but I don't think that would be well-received on conquest, where flyers are practically essential. It is definitely worth considering though.


An alternative to this solution could be to increase the sizes of DLU tokens from these events.

While attack heavy players still go for the offensive myths, the smarter players will realise the value from the DLU is better and go for that instead (atm I think the DLU is slightly better for value, but Myths are efficient in terms of storage in inventory space).

^Such a change shouldn't have much impact on player spendings in events.

Kal Gordon

@Shuri2060: I agree that increasing the size of DLU tokens may slightly reduce the amount of flying myth units purchased in events, but it also completely misses one of the key reasons for this proposal - allowing players to get more of a variety of mythical units from events, instead of getting the same 3-4 in almost every shop-based event.


Seems kinda backwards..

Promoting say ways not to need to know what use for what is, but yet saying the issue from before is because there is no way to defend of??

Now, lets add someway to say for anyway that one way wont really work most the time and still say for a way to have to find to work is still best without usage of favor for the difference??

To me seems more like a way of saying the Events Shops need to offer more but with the combinations to do so of is actually fairly limited once the time is taken to say figure it out.

As long it would amount to no loss of gains from before, then it should be reasonable, but typical when such things are offered as such they do reduce the prior capacity for the new capability so exploring the options is the tactic not the choice.