, when an alliance that we are at war with disband and all the players join the same alliance , that doesnt change anything , you might as well just all stayed in LON and hanged the name ,, although i was more then fair and even offered the possibility of a pact and didnt pressure my oppinion on you and you were receptive and seemed to think it was a good idea , then i gave you another more extreme offer but did not threaten or try to force it on you ,, i was nothing but honest , if you think i lied about anything pm me in game

bow master

Really furious I pm tetra to say im not fighting im going to be friendly,, but no you think im making a pact with najistan, all im doing is assiting tetra with reasources for help. And now im a target by OH why what have I done to you off
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6th in points, 3rd in ABP now

imagine what would happen if we bought the entire PGM family onto the rim xD