Passed Name Change

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To allow players to change their name in exchange for gold.

Have you Checked the 'Do not suggest list/previously suggested ideas' in the 'Archive':

Allows players who selected names on a whim at the start to change them to something more specific that they like. I think this should be a feature as it allows players to change their name without losing their currently earnt awards and accumulated gold.

Players may pay a fee of gold in order to change their name, for example 1000gold. The number of name changes could have a maximum cap or the price to change names could increase exponentially, for example 2000 for the next change.

Visual Aids

Obviously this is optional, so players with positive reputations may choose to keep the same name.

Abuse Prevention:
Previous names may also be displayed for a period of time e.g 2months, to prevent sneakiness in terms of joining enemy allies as a spy or something.
The cap and exponential growth options help to hinder any possible abuses that can be thought of.
This is not that different to just making another account with a different name, it just allows players to keep awards and gold other than that no real difference exist that I can think of.

Galib Abrar

Some people who are terribly hated in a world, can now escape to the rim! It should be cool for a guy who has been rimmed once or twice. (this does not refer to me :p )

Great Idea but the gold required sounds just out of my reach. :supermad:


Good idea... but if i changed my name twice my original name wouldnt show up... this could be abused... but still, good idea.
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