Name that Pixel competition


Welcome to the Name that Pixel competition!

In this Game, I will post various images of from an average Grepo screen, and you will guess what they are.

Whoever guesses correct first, gets 1 point. At the end of the competition, whoever has the most points wins.

The prize will be 200 Gold for 1st Prize, 100 for 2nd.

Read the rules :Angry:

  • In order to compete you must play actively in Idalium. By active I mean you have had an account before this competition started.
  • You can play anyway, but your points will not count towards the competition. Sign up will be for several days before we start.
  • Each correct guess earns you 1 point
  • Whoever posts first gets the point
  • The competition will start on 00:00:00 21/03 and go until 23:59:59 27/03
  • Images will be posted by me, as often as I can. I will get a new one as soon as one of you guesses correct. This may take a few minutes, or a few hours depending on my availability.
  • All decisions will be decided by me, regarding judgement of answers.
  • Edited or deleted posts for any reasons will be disqualified. Yes I can tell, so make sure you know the answer before guessing.
  • No double posting either. Both posts will be deleted and disqualified.
  • Most importantly, and I will enforce this heavily, have fun! A competition is no good if you are not having fun, so do it!

    I'd like to participate, so if I'm getting the rules correct you get one guess per pic?
    You can guess multiple times, but only once before I say if you are right or wrong.

  • MJMuniz ||
  • Quantam
  • Dave217
  • Grandaizer ||||
  • Kyleli ||||
  • jonorocks1 - No Points |
  • Obsidian King |
  • Ghearraidh |||| |||| ||
  • kranthitejab - No points ||||
  • Crazyhag12 - General Disarray |
  • Kayfon |||| |||| |||| |||
  • swarren102 |||| |||| |||

Now that that is out of the way, here is an example

The correct answer would be, a city :p
So I would get 1 point.
The actual images will be much much harder, I assure you :D
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Alrighty, I'm an hour late (apologies) but here is the first entry to the competition.

Good luck to everyone


I didn't mean to put the question mark, I'd edit it out, but I don't want my post deleted.