Nature's Wheel of Time

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    The Nature’s Wheel of Time event is back!

    Chronos requires your help again to breathe new life into the sacred glade and the lady of the forest. Visit the glade to turn back time and Nature shall reward you!

    Spin the Wheel of Time daily!
    Each spin gives you rewards like units, defense bonuses, additional population and precious sacred branches. This year you may even find some of Artemis’ units on the Wheel! Don’t miss your chance to get these valuable items!

    Starting June 12th, at 10:00 server time, you can spin the Wheel of Time and win rewards. Aim to collect all five branches until July 6th, at 23:59 server time, to earn the support of the new exclusive hero Daidalos or receive all advisors for the entire week on non-hero worlds.

    For more details on the event visit our wiki page.

    Have fun with the event and see you in the game!
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    The duration of the current event Nature's Wheel of Time will be adjusted over the course of the day of June 14th and June 15th in order to provide a full 24 hours on the final day of the event.

    Given that the daily switch happens at midnight UTC, this means that the event will end at 23:59:59 UTC on July 6th 2017.

    Please take note that a reload of the game may be required in order for all timers to be adjusted accordingly.

    Thank you for your understanding.