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It's ok, but I say make it more simple. You said it was rock paper scissors, but it is a very complicated game of rock paper scissors.

I also think the bonuses for using the right tactic are too high, and also, biremes don't line up 2 deep. They are just there in your harbor, so you would have to add a naval screen where you can choose where to set up your ships. Also, it should not be only in the lighthouse, because then it would be a HUGE advantage to players with a light house instead of Thermal Baths.

I think it would be very cool if you could drag your ships into a formation that you make, and that the attacker can also make an attacking formation, and maybe integrate it with your idea.

But if you want to keep this idea, I just say make it more simple and less bonuses for using the right tactic.
I completely forgot I had this idea :D

I've begun updated with the changes discussed, i have already done the slashing the advantages one and so that should solve some of your queries. As for biremes not lining up two deep what do you mean? It was a known tactic and ancient greece and if you mean ingame then of course not, it is a new idea which i'm suggesting.

EDIT: Finished updating.
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I know this might make coding more annoying, but what about quotas ?

Like the kyklus tactic : make it work ONLY if the defender has at least 8 biremes
(or any other number that you feel better suited)

Mr Muay-Thai

Really like the tweaked version -Ahillies- brings alot more tactical elements to the game and could give it a new lease of life :)


to long to hard to understand..Say leave the navy combat alone..Boats work fine the way they are..


to long to hard to understand..Say leave the navy combat alone..Boats work fine the way they are..
don't post if you aren't gonna read it. For all you know, this could be the best idea in the world. -rep from me!

it's a good idea, but would require too many new things. I would be on board for new naval units so it had the same amount of variety as land, but not naval tactics. They are too confusing, and would require much more work and like Zeko7 said, a ton of coding. I think that from all suggestions posted here, I have learned that they aren't going to let game-changing ideas come in very often, maybe once every 2 years, so in 1 year, suggest this again, lol.


I am not against complicated strategy games, I have played several that many people feel are nightmares. I am not against adding tactical elements in land or sea combat. I'm all about player vs. player, alliance vs. alliance.

The above stated, I will not vote for ideas that add tactical combat additions, as long as Innogames is married to having luck in their combat. I don't want to be beaten by an RNG (random number generator), I want to win or lose based on my choices and the decisions of my enemy.

Inno gets rid of luck in combat, I'm on board. If luck remains, I vote no. BTW, well written and thought out idea -Achilles-, sorry I can't support it at the moment, though that is no fault of your own or your idea.


I like it, currently I agree the game is unbalanced as we pretty much know in advance what to expect and how to defeat it in naval attacks, compared to land where the mix of troops is unknown. In addition with harbor checks or flying harbor checks or just recording what was used prior, we often know what is in harbors. This would bring back a little uncertainty and choices to make to the naval attacks.
Well researched and documented +rep


I wouldnt pass this right now because of the revamp happening, I would wait until that is all over to get this passed.


Me too. And with the revamp improving triremes stats, I feel like this idea is even better than it was to begin with.

However, I gotta say, I don't like the idea of it being a part of the lighthouse. Maybe a new tab in the harbor, that shows up at say harbor level 10?


I like this idea, yes from me and +rep

edit: a question, not sure if this has been addressed but...

how would the support work, would the person sending the biremes/triremes be able to choose tactic, or would the person who is supported use it?


I know this idea was created a lifetime ago, but I still think it's great. Lack of variety in naval warfare is disappointing. If no new ships will be introducted at least offer these naval tactics (formations) to spice things up.


I like this idea.For one main reason, it makes it more for experienced players.THis game has become far too suited to simmers.It's annoying, it would be so much more fun if it was complicated.

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I do agree that currently naval warfare is monotonous. You basically just build as many LS/Biremes as you can to get a higher amount that the ennemy has.
That is de-facto reality in Grepolis. And Triremes are evidently ineffective if we consider farmspace and attack/defensive ratio.
Biremes has 20 defensive points per farmspace, LS have 20 attack points per farmspace, Triremes only 15.625.

Therefore, I support any idea to make things more interesting.

The suggested method is a scissor, paper, rock principle, right? Seems so to me. That method goes in the right direction.

But I want to highlight that the need of a Lighthouse to use those strategies is actually a big excludes many other options in city-building. After all, success at the sea is vital in Grepolis.

Suggestion: Make the naval warfare strategies available through either the library, or even a new building. A building that does not exclude other buildings from getting constructed.