Passed Naval Tactics


I do like it... :)

This is quite a big change, players will have to get used to all the different tactics etc. I think that I would rather see new ships introduced, a faster attacking ship with a slightly lower attacking power and a much slower defensive ship (there is an idea up for this already i believe).
Not sure though... would like to see what other think.
Hard question. I must admit, I lack the experience to really you whether faster LS would be very useful. I am very open for suggestions.
I repeat that I do welcome complexity to the naval warfare. I prefer as a first step a panel where I can select the strategies.


I find it unusal for folks to be looking at major changes when the small stuff hasn't been ironed In Hyperborea it is possible for the DEFENDER to use a land spell against a Naval attack of slinger's and other offensive troops and have it work.
Folks here are talking about re-creating real world response's/situations in game play and yet real world situations are bungled at the start.
Its a crappy house when the foundations are not straight and true..


still not going to be better than baths just from the extra units. Might help def but i would never put that in an ls city or a city i didnt have a bir wall in

Myrddin Emyrs

This idea was created 7yrs ago how is it passed, what does that mean we will see it in the future or what some clarification would be nice, just so one day we dont wake up and the whole of grepolis has changed completly